QSI International School of Chisinau is committed to the safety and protection of children. We believe that it is always unacceptable for a child or young person to experience abuse of any kind and recognize our responsibility and the responsibility of all stakeholders to safeguard the welfare of our students. We are committed to a practice to protect our students which includes the following elements:

  • Each student at QSI Chisinau, without discrimination, shall be provided an environment that is physically and emotionally safe. This will facilitate a nurturing atmosphere for successful learning.
  • Parents, teachers, staff, and students will work together to create and maintain a safe environment for students.
  • Students at QSI Chisinau will resolve conflicts without the use of violence. They will recognize unacceptable behavior and understand how to address the issues by reporting to appropriate authorities. The students will understand and advocate for their rights.
CEESA Safeguarding and Child Protection Statement 
  • Safeguarding and Child Protection is a priority for every CEESA School. 
  • CEESA commits to supporting school environments that safeguard children through both prevention and intervention. 
  • CEESA works in cooperation with international agencies to ensure standards associated with best practices are regularly reviewed, revised, and applied in all operations, activities, and events. 
  • CEESA leaders honor and uphold child protection guidelines and procedures, in partnership with all stakeholders in their respective school communities. 
All CEESA schools will: 
  • Actively uphold the CEESA Safeguarding and Child Protection Statement. 
  • Implement school-based Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies and Procedures that include regular onsite training. 
  • Employ safe recruitment practices consistent with Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies. 
  • Educate students and adults on Safeguarding and Child Protection.