QSI Malta Faculty and Staff

QSI International School of Malta is bound by policy to appoint fully qualified teachers preferably with experience in American or British schools. International experience is also extremely valuable. Currently the School has 21 full time teachers whom all hold Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctoral Degrees in Education. We also have 6 part time teachers and 5 para professionals to help support the classroom. Furthermore, our instructors also are fluent English speakers. The student-to-staff ratio is 16:1 at QSI Malta. The countries our teachers at QSI International School of Malta come from are: Italy,England, France, Malta, United States, Poland, Spain, Canada, Germany, and Slovakia.

At QSI Malta, communication is both receptive and expressive. Our teachers are skilled at listening to their students as well as explaining things clearly. Each educator is able to break down complex ideas into simpler parts and smaller steps to transmit to their students. They are also able to adapt their methods of communication to all students regardless of ability or learning style. Here in Malta educators are able to "read" their students and adapt to the needs of the individual. Effective communication includes transforming the boring into the interesting and having good presentation skills. In addition, teachers at QSI Malta communicate concern and caring by their tone of voice and use of body language. They transmit genuine commitment and affection for their students. Our instructors care about their students' progress and let their students know it at all times. They also learn their students' names early in the school year and use their names when addressing them. Furthermore, our facilitators communicate their appreciation for what their students do by celebrating their successes and constantly encouraging them. This helps students feel recognized and validated.