Admissions Overview

Most of our families are expatriate families living and working here in Malta. We strive to maintain a flexible and accommodating admissions process to make the transition as easy and pleasant as possible for our new students and families. Students can enroll at any time, and prospective families may meet with the Director and tour the facilities at any time. Ms. Caroline Sammut, our Administrative Assistant, manages the admissions process. She can answer questions regarding the paperwork and payment process. Also, she can provide electronic copies of our application, Information Booklet, and any other forms. Mr. Justin Fischer, the school Director, can answer questions regarding all other matters, including the educational program, after-school activities, facilities, etc. You can use the email address to reach either Mr. Fischer or Ms. Sammut.


Admission requires submission of:  

  1. Student application form
  2. A copy of passport or birth certificate
  3. Student information form
  4. Emergency medical form
  5. Previous school records (if applicable)
  6. Payment of a one-time, non-refundable registration fee 
  7. Email all documents to

Student Placement

Following official admission procedures, a placement examination is given to each student to determine the appropriate level of instruction. The test involves reading, writing, and mathematics.  Normally, students are placed according to age with November 1 being the cut off for a particular age group. For example, a student that turns 8 before the first of November would be in the 8-year-olds class. However, it should be noted that placement also takes into consideration student ability and achievement.