Eligible Candidates: Only students with parents/guardians who pay privately for the entire tuition or that have an employee educational benefit less than the amount of the Merit Scholarship School Fee Rate, AND do not have the financial means otherwise to pay a higher school fee, are eligible for a Merit Scholarship. These parents/guardians shall sign a statement that their employer annually provides less than the annual Merit Scholarship school fee rate and that they do not have the financial means otherwise to pay a higher school fee.


Process: Candidates for a Merit Scholarship will take the Merit Scholarship exams and fill out a regular school application.The Director of QSI International School of Skopje shall advertise this Merit Scholarship opportunity to the public in an effective way to reach interested candidates, at least one month before the sitting of the Merit Scholarship exams. A date and time shall be given for Merit Scholarship candidates to sit the reading, language arts, and mathematics exams. The exam scores, along with Merit Scholarship candidate student applications, shall be presented to the Advisory Board in a scheduled Advisory Board meeting after the last exam has been taken. Interviews with the Advisory Board may be required for the top finalists.  The Advisory Board shall weigh the exam results and known financial needs of the families to award the Merit Scholarships by consensus of the board members in finalizing the awarding of the Merit Scholarships. 


School Fee Rate: Merit Scholarships awarded through the enactment of this Merit Scholarship Agreement are awarded at a percent of the annually advertised regular school fees for students, with exemption from the capital fund fees.  


Maintaining Merit Scholarships:  There is no annual renewal requirement to maintain Merit Scholarships. A student may continue until graduation from secondary school.  However, Merit Scholarship students may be expelled from the school, without right to appeal, due to inappropriate behavior in the same manner and according to the same standard as any non-scholarship student may be expelled from the school. To remain on this scholarship, students must constantly be in good standing with the school for attendance, behavior, and academic achievement.  Any student not completing coursework as required by the school year or otherwise not in good standing with school requirements or consistently refusing to put forth the effort,will immediately be referred by the Director to the Advisory Board for possible revocation of their Merit Scholarship, according to a consensus of the Advisory Board. 


Seats: This agreement is limited to adding new students in the 2018-19 school year and will be revisited each year to evaluate the possibility for additional Merit Scholarship students. 


Limitations: Merit Scholarship recipients cannot leave the school and return to reclaim the scholarship. Merit Scholarships are not transferable to other QSI schools.