QSIB I-Mentors

Dear friends,

We want every single one of you to be safe online, so we kindly ask you to look through this informational page.

The group of Secondary students of QSI Bishkek 2018-2019 are monitoring this page. We will share information and different interesting projects made by our classmates. We call ourselves I-Mentors, the ones who will help you to be safe online.

We want you to be safe online every time you use the internet.


QSIB Secondary I-II students


Topic 1: Personal Safety Online

In order to be safe online, you have to follow couple of rules. In this topic we’ll talk about online safety: what it is, consequences and how to protect yourself from online dangers.

Tips on staying safe online:

  •          Regularly change your password and make it  complicated: include at least 8 characters with numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters;

  •          Keep your antivirus software up to date; 

  •          Be careful online: use websites that have .org, .edu and .gov domains, because those are more reliable than .com; do not forget to log out; use a safe nickname; change your privacy settings;



Watch this video to see why it is important to protect your personal information.




Our school is in the process of creating a Maker Space. We hope to start off the next year.

If you need clarification on what Maker Space is use the following links:

Maker Space for education


In order to be ready for the fun that we plan to have in the first QSIB maker space we need some help.

Please read the following message and help us create a MAKER SPACE - Letter to the school community