Educational Program


Entry Ages and Placement

 To enter the 5-year-old class, a child will have completed 5 years of age no later than the 31st of October. This pattern is applied to the other classes in the school. If an exception is requested, documentation that supports the student's academic need is required, and the Director will make the final decision after consultation with parents and teachers. If an exception to the policy is made, it will be documented and signed by the parents and school administrator, and placed in the student’s permanent file.

 Secondary-age students are placed into Secondary I by age (14 years old by the end of October), even though secondary students may be engaged in some elementary units. Progress through the secondary levels is determined at the beginning of each school year by the number of credits attained.

 Preschool (3-4-Year-Old Program)

 The 3-4-year-old classes have Theme Units that are designed to engage the child in his/her first formal school experience. ‘Splash into Pre-K’ by Houghton Mifflin is a research-based, developmentally appropriate program that incorporates education of the whole preschool child through multiple components. The components for each themed unit include: Language/Literacy, Mathematics, Science/Cultural Studies/Health, Gross Motor Development, Fine Motor Development, Fine Arts, Social/Emotional Development, and Independent/Help.

 5-Year-Old Class

 This academically-oriented program develops skills and attitudes children need for future academic disciplines. A variety of experiences develop eye/hand/body coordination and reading readiness. The program introduces Reading, Mathematics, Oral and Written Language, Science, and Cultural Studies. There is a continued emphasis on personal development through varied classes of Music, Technology, Art, and Physical Education.

 Elementary (6-11-Year-Old Classes)

 Elementary school students take a full academic program of Mathematics, Reading and Writing, Science, Cultural Studies, Art, Music, Technology, and Physical Education. Technology usage is integrated into the curriculum at all levels. Intensive English classes are provided to students ages six and older who lack proficiency in academic English. These classes are tailored to the needs and levels of students based on an assessment of English proficiency.

 12-13-Year-Old Classes

 This program is designed to meet the needs of students in the 12-13-year-old age group. Students are provided a rigorous academic curriculum of Mathematics, Reading and Writing, Science, Cultural Studies, Art, Music, Physical Education, and Technology.

 Secondary I-IV (Age Levels 14 and above)

 Secondary students take a carefully planned, four-year course of study that meets the requirements for graduation with a secondary diploma. These students complete a curriculum designed to meet entrance requirements for universities in the United States, Europe, and around the world. All students will be engaged in a college preparatory program which includes coursework in Literature, Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Cultural Studies.