Message from the Director of QSI International School of Kosovo

Dear Parents & Prospective Parents,

Greetings from QSI International School of Kosovo. The 2018 – 2019 school year marks our third year in Kosovo. We are a dynamic educational body of learners and it is exciting to be a part of this community.

With so many options in Prishtina for educational choice, it is difficult to always choose what in the long run will be best for children. All the international schools in Kosovo have a purpose in the community and serve different needs. QSI International School of Kosovo has some unique features that are definitely something for parents to consider.

First, all our teachers are certified and highly qualified within their home states. Some people say, “Anyone can teach,” but after twenty-nine years in education, I can honestly say this is a fallacy. Trained teachers have the skills needed to logically impart knowledge to their students. There are so many intricate parts to educating that without formal training when difficult situations arise that training is what a teacher leans upon. QSI does all they can to ensure we have top teachers in our schools, and I will say they succeeded in our school.

Our MAP (Measure of Academic Performance) scores speak for themselves. Overall, our students score as high or higher than the average student taking these tests. We have a family who just left for America and the children are above their grade level and are being placed in advanced classes. QSI students fit back into their country’s education without being behind in their studies. We have wonderful students and teachers with education happening all over campus.

My staff and I have done all we can to make this a child centered school where they are safe from bullying and fear of failure because we believe in QSI’s philosophy that every child can succeed and will succeed given the chance and the belief that they are successful. Walk on campus and you will see students engaged, learning, laughing and having fun. Our students are highly motivated to do their very best. They are fantastic!

This 2018 – 2019 school year, we have students enrolled from 3-years-old to high school. We have teachers certified in the upper grade classes to teach those students in our Secondary (Middle and High School) Program in Mathematics, Science, Reading and History. This is exciting to me as the Director to see our older student population growing, but we need those younger students also. Even though they don’t receive high school credits, what they learn in the younger grades is foundation to their learning in high school and beyond.

I look forward to meeting with any parents interested in sending their children to a school that has the entire child’s interest at the center of our focus. It is my pleasure to speak about all your child will experience at our school, QSI International School of Kosovo!

Kindest Regards,

Don Hale


QSI International School of Kosovo