Graduation Requirements

Secondary Graduation Requirements

QSI Atyrau offers a secondary program which leads to a Secondary School Diploma.

Three diplomas are offered by QSI Atyrau.  (Most of our Secondary students work toward the Academic Diploma.)

* Academic Diploma

* Academic Diploma with Honors

* General Diploma

The Academic Diploma is a college or university preparatory course of study. Students who satisfactorily complete this program should expect admittance into an American college or university, or in many cases, universities in other countries.

A total of 240 credits (including electives) are required for the Academic Diploma. Below are listed the minimum requirements in each department.

English (80 credits)

20 - Literature (Literature I & II)

20 - Writing (I & II) or demonstrated competency

10 - American Literature

10 - British Literature

10 - Research Project

10 - Technology (including 5 Keyboarding)

Mathematics (30 credits)

10 - Algebra

10 - Geometry

10 - Mathematics elective

Science (30 credits)

10 - Biology

10 - Physical Science

10 - Science elective

Cultural Studies (40 credits)

10 - World Geography

10 - Modern World History

10 - US-History

5 - World Governments

5 - Economics

Personal Health (20 credits)

10 - Wellness

10 - Physical education elective

Languages Other than English (20 credits)

20 in ONE language

OR demonstrated competencies in a second language

Creative Arts (10 credits)

10- Elective credits (art, music, drama)


The Academic Diploma With Honors is the most advanced diploma offered by QSI Atyrau. Requirements are the same as The Academic Diploma but with the condition that the credits include at least two Advanced Placement (AP)* courses. A total of 240 credits (including electives) also are required for this diploma.

The Advanced Placement Program: Advanced Placement (AP) courses challenge our QSI Atyrau students. Depending on the enrollment, interest, and student capability, QSI Atyrau will offer Advanced Placement courses. These courses provide rigorous preparation for the AP exams credentialed by the Educational Testing Service in the United States. Many colleges and universities in the USA give university credit for test scores of 3 and better (on a scale of 1 to 5).

The General Diploma is available to students who experience English language difficulties, time restraints, or other problems which make it impractical to pursue a more advanced course of study. It is only available to students who are in their fourth year of secondary studies or who will turn 18 years old no later than 30 October following their graduation. In general, this diploma is designed for students requiring a sound general secondary education. A total of 220 credits (including electives) are required for the General Diploma.