Class Placement by Age


In all QSI schools, elementary students are assigned to homeroom classes according to their birthdays. QSI classes do not use the traditional American terms of pre-school, kindergarten, first grade, fourth grade, sophomore, senior, etc. For elementary classes the terms used are four-year-old class, five-year-old class, six-year-old class, nine-year-old class, Secondary II, Secondary IV, etc., respectively.

Normally a student is assigned to the eight-year-old class if he has completed eight years before the first of November. For example, for the 1997-98 school year a student would be born in 1989 (in any month from January through October) to be automatically assigned to the eight-year-old class.

Students born in November or December would normally be placed in a class where they would tend to be the oldest students in the class. Thus a student who completes eight years of age in November or December would be placed in the seven-year-old class.