Educational Program

The Quality Schools International (QSI) educational program has progressed from the philosophy brought by the first teachers of Sanaa International School in 1971 to a structured performance-based model first implemented in the fall of 1987 in the secondary section of that school. By the autumn of 1989, the entire school was performance-based.

QSI departs somewhat from traditional schools in that it is not as much concerned about “time” being the "defining" factor of student learning. In most schools, students are given a certain amount of time to complete learning in a subject, and then students are assessed on their performance. In QSI, time is used as a resource, so the outcomes that are designed to develop students into well-educated and well-adjusted individuals are thoroughly mastered.

Quality Schools International (QSI) is committed to a continuous development of curriculum with goals set to improve the high standard of quality student performance.