QSI ECE Center in Astana offers a high quality education in the English language for students beginning at 2 years old through 5 years old. It is a truly international setting with students coming from at least 20 different countries.


The school operates on a large, new campus with two buildings: the Early Childhood Education building, and the main building with elementary, middle and secondary schools. The ECE Center has 10 classrooms, a library, computer laboratory, auditorium, gym, medical center, kitchen, office, outdoor playground, running track and soccer field. It is equipped with safety systems, such as fire, PA, video surveillance, land there is 24-hour security shared with the main school building, which keeps eyes on the ECE Center facility at all times.

Academic Program

The academic program uses a Performance-Based approach to learning. This model insures mastery of specific skills and knowledge involving both individual and group instruction. The educational philosophy is founded upon the premises that:

1) All students can succeed.

2) Success breeds success.

3) It is the responsibility of the school to provide the conditions for success.

Parent Information

It is very important for your child that we have your most current phone number, email, and the telephone number of at least one other emergency contact. At the beginning of the new academic year you will be given a yellow badge which will identify you as a parent. Please always have this badge with you when you pick up your child or/and visit the Campus. Every classroom teacher should know who is picking up a child; no one other than a parent will be allowed to take a student off campus without any note or/and phone call from the child's parents.

Morning “Good-bye” to a child

It is always hard to say “good-bye” to a child and potentially leave him crying in preschool. The process of separation from parents as the child enters preschool is one of the most important accomplishments of a preschool child. However, emotionally it can be difficult for you as a parent. Your child could happily go and play with other students and easily say “good-bye” to you or could start crying and try to hold you there. In this case, preschool teachers have to be involved. They usually try to get your child's attention to something else like toys or books. It is very important to say good-bye when you leave, otherwise your child could feel insecure because you disappeared.

Discipline Policies

At the QSI ECE Center in Astana, we use only positive reinforcement to bring out the very best in our students.  

Visits to the ECE Center

The QSI ECE Center in Astana always welcomes parents visiting classes, meeting teachers, and asking questions, sharing concerns, ideas, or recommendations. You are also welcome to talk to the Coordinator of the ECE Center anytime you need.


Your child will have time to enjoy a mid-morning snack, and a late afternoon snack. Please send items such as vegetables, crackers, fruits, breads, yogurt, etc., but not candy, chips, and chocolate. A child will need a lot of energy to play and learn more every day.  Due to life-threatening allergies, nuts are not allowed.

School Dress

QSI ECE Center in Astana does not require a school uniform. Preschool “work” can be messy. We want your child be comfortable, and not to worry about dirtying their clothing. We would like to ask you to send a complete set of clothing for your child. It should include socks, underwear, sweater, shirt, pants or shorts. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriate to the current season. Preschool students go outside everyday during all year, unless it is below -22 Celsius. Moreover, shoes should be comfortable and have Velcro. No tie shoes, please, unless your child can tie them. The development of self-help skills is part of our program. Clothes and shoes, which are too big or too small, can easily frustrate a preschooler. 

Field Trips

Throughout the school year, classroom teachers will organize field trips to local museums, the zoo, etc. It will cost a little money, but not much. Cost of field trips will cover transportation and entry fees. We will make sure permission forms with all field trip information to be sent in advance. If you want your child to stay at school and not to participate in field trips, please let the classroom teacher and the Coordinator of the ECE Center know.


Students may bring lunch or buy a hot lunch from the school cafeteria.


If a child is sick, or if there is any other reason for absences, please inform a classroom teacher and/or the Coordinator of the ECE Center by phone or email.


If your child is sick please keep him/her at home and report it to the preschool immediately. If your child appears sick at school, he/she will be sent to the school nurse (medical center). You will be informed about it immediately. The nurse has a right to keep your child in the medical office until you pick him/her up. If there are special circumstance, please inform the nurse and the Administration of the ECE Center and classroom teachers. If any special medicine is required, it will be locked in a classroom or in the medical office.


It is not assigned to our young students.

List of things which should be brought by a student

Please make sure your child has it on the first day of school. All personal items should be labeled.

  1. Closed toe indoor and outdoor shoes (that they can put on)
  2. Two complete changes of clothes to leave at school
  3. Art shirt
  4. Water bottle (not glass)
  5. Snacks (morning and afternoon)
  6. Sunscreen and bug repellent (if desired)
  7. Small sheet and flat pillow for nap cot
  8. Wet wipes


Best regards,

The ECE Center Team