QSI International School of AstanaThe QSI motto of “Success for All” is a big part of our school culture. Our teachers are known for caring about each student, and teaching in the creative ways that will reach every child. Our school is located in Komsomolskiy Village in the new part of the city.

We have a mixture of American, Indian, Kazakhstani, and British teachers on staff. We have students from Preschool (ages 2 thru 4) up to secondary level (ages 14–18).

Our elementary classrooms typically have about fifteen students and two teachers, plus we offer the special subjects of art, music, physical education, technology, and other languages.

Each day for ages 7 and up, students study their chosen language: Russian, Kazakh, or Intensive English. In the small school setting, each child is given attention to meet their learning needs, so no one “falls through the cracks”.

Our growing secondary program has teachers trained in each subject area: Literature, Writing, History, Geography, Economics, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Biology, Physical Science, Health, Fitness, and Languages. AP courses are offered with on-site instruction, as well as Internet-based courses, and we are now able to offer students' the opportunity to earn an AP Capstone diploma.

Academic quality is our goal. The QSI curriculum provides a strong structure for a program with high American standards. Outcomes in every subject are carefully designed and outlined for teachers, student, and parents to see what will be mastered in each class.

We practice Performance-Based Education (PBE) and Mastery Learning (ML), which means that students must master a subject before they move on. Students who master materials are further enriched and challenged while teachers pay attention to reteaching and provide differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all learning styles.

Technology support is used to help students who need more, by using selected educational software to extend lessons. The Success Orientations program at QSI schools helps students to develop in seven character traits that lead to success in life.

Extracurricular activities are offered every day of the week and some weekends.  It seems like there is always something to do!

Enjoy looking through this website to discover more about our school. If you have specific questions, please send an email to astana@qsi.org.