The purpose of the Advisory Board is to provide a conduit of information and concerns to and from the school administration and by extension QSI management.  QSI Astana's Advisory Board members represent major stakeholder communities in the school.

  1. The Advisory Board consists of from six to ten members who reside in the city where the QSI school is located.
  2. The Advisory Board will have a minimum of four (4) and up to six (6)meetings during the school year, according to the school’s By-Laws. 
  3. Objectives and Activities of the Advisory Board shall include the following:
    1. Communicate ideas and concerns of parents and the community to the Director of the QSI school.
    2. Give recommendations with a view to formulating policies.
    3. Give advice and assistance concerning the school’s relations with the host government.
    4. Help to maintain a positive image of the QSI school in the community.
    5. Review the annual budget.
    6. Periodically review expenditures during the school year.
    7. Be responsible for the scholarship policy, including revisions and implementation.
    8. Be actively involved in Advisory Board approved fund raising efforts.