Success Orientations and Wolf Packs


One of the main purposes is QSI Education is to forge good global citizens. The following Success Orientations (SO) play an important role in students' lives:


  • Trustworthiness

  • Responsibility

  • Aesthetic Appreciation

  • Concern for Others

  • Kindness & Politeness

  • Independent Endeavor

  • Group Interaction


once per month a class makes a presentation on one of the above SO to the rest of the school. After the presentation, each student joins his/her "Wolf Pack" and participate in activities concerning the SO of the day.

 The wolf is the school's mascot. The reason for this choice is that wolves live and hunt in packs. With that in mind, and in order to stimulate Group Interaction among students of different age levels and nationalities, each student is assigned to a "Wolf Pack" (Red, Grey, Black or Arctic). When a student succeed in a SO, he/she receives a "paw print" that will add point to his/her pack. After a certain number of paw prints (points), the pack receives a prize.