Student Council (STUCO)

QSI Brindisi Student Council is first and foremost a voice of the students. During our weekly meetings we share ideas, interests and concerns about the school development and how to be a part of the community. The positions are the President, Vice-President, Secretary and two Treasurers. This year our President is Afzaal, who is passionate about history and sports. Our Vice-President is Ciara, with a great interest in Mathematics and sports. Laiba is our secretary. She loves detective and fantasy stories and is very organized. The Treasurers, Ergi and Sanjay, are two science lovers, who enjoy watching superhero movies. We are an international Student Council and – in order – our members come from Pakistan, Germany, Pakistan, Albania and Canada.

Our goals are to make the school a better place for us students, by creating activities during the main holidays, for example selling cards on Valentine’s day and cooperating with the PSG to organize games for the Fall Festival. In addition we organize Movie Nights every two months to incentivise friendship and comradery among the students. We also organize beach clean-ups, where students work together to take care of the environment.

Another aim of the Student Council is to collaborate with the teachers to improve the school environment and raise funds to organize social events and to support volunteer activities.

Afzaal & Ciara


TCK Discrimination

The 12s and up are really excited to inform you about a new project going on in our school: we enrolled a global competition where schools from all over the world try to fix a specific social, cultural, environmental problem. The aim is to develop students’ understanding of global citizenship and how to turn their ideas into reality, developing and implementing a project that helps to achieve the United Nations’ Global Goals and join a global movement of socially conscious leaders. Out of the 17 United Nations’ Global Goals we choose inequality. Very often at the center of inequality are the third culture kids: people raised in a culture other than their parents’ or the culture of the country named on their passport for a significant part of their early development years. Since most, if not all, kids in QSI are third culture, this project is very personal to us. As part of our project, we have created a website to share ours and others experiences with inequality and discrimination. We also created a Youtube channel, called TCK discrimination, and an Instagram page. We met the community of migrants in Brindisi, to listen to their stories of discrimination and made them feel part of a group. We dream about a world where everyone has equal rights and people are not discriminated just because they come from a different background. 

Please visit our page:

Afzaal and the 12s and up