1. Visit QSI International School of Pápa

Interested parents should call the school’s office manager and make an appointment to visit the campus. The Registrar will take parents and students on a tour of the classrooms and facility, describe the learning program, and introduce them to the Director and other administrators.

2. Registration

After selecting QSI Pápa, fill out the application form found below. Parents must provide one photograph, a copy of all previous school records, and a $300 non-refundable registration fee for each child.

3. Testing and Enrollment

Parents of students who are not native English speakers must schedule an appointment to assess English language proficiency before enrollment is complete. After the English test and previous school records are evaluated, parents will be notified about class placement.

4. Reach for Success

Welcome to QSI! Your child may start school, meet friends, join activities and reach for success. Please contact QSI Pápa to make optional school lunch arrangements.


Application forms are accompanied by:


1. Student photo (1)


2. Copy of Passport or Birth Certificate


3. Copy of Previous School Records


4. Copy of Vaccination records


If you have a question regarding admission, please contact us at or call at +36 89 977 7799


Registration Form