Welcome to the QSIP website. We are very glad you stopped by. Take a few minutes to look over our site, and please remember to enjoy the wonderful school video.

It was just about six years ago, when the first meetings took place with QSI Executive Management and valued stakeholders here in the local community. This was the beginning process which brought an international school to Papa, Hungary.  Through the diligent efforts of these stakeholders, this dream became a reality in August 2012.

The first school year, 2012-2013, ended with 61 students in attendance.  The school continues to grow, and there are currently just over 80 students from eight different nations. 

When reflecting on our first year of operation, one can see how our students, staff, and parents came together to create a wonderful school. The school community enjoyed a Grand Opening Celebration, international brunch/harvest festival, winter concert, open mic extravaganza, spring concert, spirit days, field trips, monthly success orientation assemblies, and field day. There were many other exciting events inside and outside the classroom.

We had an enjoyable, challenging and rewarding school year last year, and we are off to a wonderful start again this year. To be a part of such a caring community, talented staff, and exceptional students is a true delight.   

QSIP believes in, follows, and makes it a number one priority to meet the Quality Schools International motto of “Success for all”.  We are excited to be serving our current and future students with this motto in mind.