• Dvani School

    08-Mar-17 | Mirka Blaho

    Village Dvani is situated in central part of Georgia, and serves as an administrative boundary with the breakaway region of South Ossetia.


    In 2008 military tension between Russia and Georgia left the region even more devastated then it was. Unfortunately, military actions did not spare the public school of Dvani, which is an educational center that takes in approximately 150 students from surrounding villages.


    The school was looted and stripped of  any belongings. The building itself was severely damaged.


    At the beginning of 2009 the venue was reconstructed with the aid of USAID, but the lack of supplies is still a vital problem for the school.


    Starting from 2009 QSI International School of Tbilisi, with the initiative of Ms. Seleste Hustler and Ms. Florence Fournier (former QSI parents) rendered ongoing financial/non-financial support to the school.


    Throughout the years our school, with the help of our community, provided various educational supplies, raised money to remodel the School's gym and computer lab, organized the toy drive for the local kindergarten, and much more . . .


    We fully understand that sustained aid is crucial for the school's future well-being, and we are gladly continuing this tradition. The children of Dvani should not be deprived of basics for their bright academic future, regardless of the political situation in our country.



  • Salvation Army "Angel Tree"

    08-Mar-17 | Mirka Blaho






    About Us

    The Salvation Army is a Christian church and an international charitable organization structured in a military fashion. It is an army without guns. The organisation has a worldwide membership of over 1.5 million, consisting of soldiers, officers and adherents known as Salvationists. Its founders Catherine and William Booth sought to bring salvation to the poor, destitute and hungry by meeting both their “physical and spiritual needs”, something which it still strives to do today.


    The Salvation Army is currently present in 128 countries. In each of these countries The Salvation Army has church buildings, known as corps, at which people are able to worship God. Its worship is both relevant and distinctive with prayer, singing and preaching forming an important part of each worship service. The singing is accompanied in such a way as to be relevant to its local context so it could be led by guitars and drums or by a brass band. In addition to this the work of The Salvation Army is varied and includes running charity shops, operating shelters for the homeless, running children’s and elderly people’s programmed and providing disaster relief and humanitarian aid.

    The beliefs of The Salvation Army are in line with the Christian faith, based upon the teaching of the Bible, although in some ways they are derived from that of Methodism. The Salvation Army’s doctrine is typical of any evangelical Protestant denomination. The Army’s purposes can be summed up as ‘To save souls, to grow saints and to serve suffering humanity’.

    The Salvation Army was founded in 1865 in London by a former Methodist preacher William Booth. It was originally known as the East London Christian Mission, but in 1878 the mission was renamed The Salvation Army with William Booth becoming its first General and introducing the military structure which has been retained to the present day. The current world leader of The Salvation Army is General André Cox, who was elected by the High Council of The Salvation Army in August 2013.

     The Salvation Army has been in Georgia since 1993. Following meetings with government officials it was invited to commence its work in the country. In the years since then work has been continuing in eight centers within the country from Batumi in the West to Lagodekhi in the East, as well as in Tbilisi and Rustavi.

    In Georgia, relevant Christian worship at Salvation Army Centers takes place every Sunday. In addition to this a variety of other activities are held throughout the week. Please contact your local center for more information.
    The Salvation Army has also been on hand to help during various humanitarian crises in Georgia, offering its helping hand to anyone, regardless of their personal belief. It is for this reason that we like to think of ourselves as expressing ‘Faith in Action’.


    Regional LeadersGillianSteve

    Since February 2015 the Regional Leaders of The Salvation Army in Georgia have been Majors Gillian Jackson and Steve Dutfield.  They arrived in Georgia having spent the past ten years on the staff of The Salvation Army’s William Booth College in London.





    Contact us: 

    Tbilisi Central Corps

    Address: Lado Asatiani str 32
    Tel: 8 (32) 2 98 48 02

  • Kera Charity

    08-Mar-17 | Mirka Blaho

    The KERA Georgia shelter was established to give single mothers and their children safe living conditions and the opportunity to gain the skills and education necessary to provide for their family independently.  


    The shelter is a place of encouragement and support, giving women the time and tools they need in order to stabilize their lives so they can become independent and self-sufficient parents and for their children to grow up in a secure and loving environment.

    The kindness and generosity of so many volunteers and supporters keeps the shelter running and helps to dramatically change the lives of the women and children we support.  Many things are needed in order to keep the women off the streets and save their children from being taken to government institutions, separating them from their mothers.  Every donation is another diaper, bowl of soup, enrollment in job training, paid electricity bill, or winter coat but more importantly, it is a step towards independence for these woman and her children.  This is something that would not otherwise be possible.


    Contact us:

    Email: kerageorgia@gmail.com       

    Registration Number: 400116174

    Our Sponsors: Vision for the Children International



    Committed to Charity

    -       Quality School International Tbilisi (QSIT) hosts the upcoming Charity Gala in May. Charity work is essential in the QSIT community throughout the year.

    This year, the QSI Parent Support Group, (PSG) chose the Kera Georgia, women and baby shelter, as the cause for the Charity Gala. The event on May 13th has an attractive programme featuring dinner, dance and donations towards the Kera shelter.

    Yulia Mushkudiani, Kera Founder and Vice President, states;
    - ‘We are grateful that the PSG chose the Kera shelter as the cause for the Charity event. The women and the kids really need support and we know that many good-hearted people in the QSI Tbilisi Community are willing to help out, we are very excited and we look forward to the Charity Gala’.

    Kera cares
    The KERA Georgia shelter was established to give single mothers and their children safe living conditions and the opportunity to gain the skills and education necessary to provide for their family independently. Learn more about Kera on www.kerageorgia.com

    The Kera team decided to raise funds to purchase a house, which can house up to 6 mothers and provide care and professional support to them and their children. The building project is about to start and the donations from the Charity Gala will help fund and furnish the new building.

    Charity at QSIT
    Giving back to the host country is essential to the QSI organisation, which is involved in quite a few charitable activities throughout the school year. It is a way of teaching the students about concern for others, a success orientation at QSIT.