Welcome to QSI International School of Dili

QSI International School of Dili is an exciting place. Students and teachers from around the world come together to share experiences in a positive and safe environment.  

Our expectation is that students are coming to QSI International School of Dili to learn, and will apply themselves to get the most of the opportunities given them. We want students to be challenged and willing to take risks as they develop their interests and skills. Students will also be supported along the way should they need extra time or instruction to grasp a concept. We believe that students will act responsibly and will take responsibility when given the chance. The staff at QSID is always available to help students be successful. We have high standards and know that students have a strong desire to learn!

Along with the academic rigor provided for students, we sponsor many interesting activities and events throughout the year. Some of these include Timor Leste Day, a celebration of the country in which we live where students experience the arts, crafts, foods and traditions of Timor Leste in just one day. Spirit Week at the beginning of the year is always great fun. The Harvest Festival is a night of games and BBQ, and the Polar Express kicks off the winter holiday with a great book and creative activities. International Week is the time when all families show off their home countries, and students are able to present different aspects of their countries through presentations. Science Week is always an exciting time, and the year ends with the Art Fest where students show off their musical and art abilities.  

QSI International School of Dili is a small school, but is very involved in the community. Our Harvest Festival is a community affair, and our Roots & Shoots group reaches out to the community in each of their projects. We are part of the fabric of Dili and Timor Leste!

Please contact us if you have questions about our school. We would love to share our school with you!