QSI International School Dili has a fully walled campus, with a variety of buildings and play areas. All buildings and classrooms are air conditioned. Specialists' classrooms include music, art, library, foreign language, and computer technology. All specialist teachers follow the QSI curriculum for each age group.  

The computer lab has enough computers to conduct technology classes for each classroom. Each classroom also has access to a computer for teacher and student use. Internet connections can be inconsistent in Dili. The school works with a local company to provide the best available connectivity. 

The preschool students have their own playground, while the 5-year-olds through secondary students share a covered playground, with equipment, a playing field and an outdoor tennis/basketball court. The students eat in a covered outdoor area, with access to microwaves to heat their food.  

The library is fully computerized with more than 4,000 titles for students and families to choose from. The library supports classroom reading and study, as well as reading for pleasure. Students from 3 to 11 years old have specific library times, and are encouraged to check out and take books home to enjoy each week.

QSI International School of Dili works closely with the U.S. Embassy and its Regional Security Officer to provide a safe and secure environment for our students. Security cameras and 24-hour guards are used to facilitate security procedures.