QSI International School of Zhuhai Secondary Program

QSI Zhuhai Secondary program offers a rigorous English-language based college-preparatory program, which provides students several options for fulfilling their graduation requirements. The secondary offers the General Diploma, Academic Diploma, and Academic Diploma with Honors. All diplomas are certified by the American-based Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. In addition to our regular courses, we also offer numerous AP courses taught both on campus and online by QSI staff from other QSI locations. Class sizes are small at three to 10 students, allowing our teachers to devote significant time to individual needs. The mastery learning model creates great flexibility to our students, enabling them to progress through the curriculum at their pace.

The secondary occupies the fourth floor of our campus, creating an atmosphere conducive to secondary learning, while the proximity to younger students maintains a school-wide spirit of unity. A student lounge containing couches, a television, and ping-pong and foosball tables occupy the center of the secondary floor, giving students a space to study, relax, and play. Our campus, located directly across the river from Macau, also possesses a track, field, and numerous basketball courts, and our students participate in various sporting events with local schools.

QSI students are actively engaged in their learning, including scientific experiments, attending mathematics competitions, public debates, participation in student council, and planning and fundraising for field trips. The diversity of our student population also enriches the learning experience, and the various languages, customs, and food that students often bring from home can be as meaningful as classroom instruction in developing global citizens that may succeed in any part of the world.