QSI's Air Quality Policy


A top priority at QSI International School of Shenyang is providing a safe and healthy learning environment for our valued school community. We take this issue very seriously to ensure our students, staff and families are well looked after. Our campus are well equipped with modern and reliable air-purifiers for all classrooms. QSI Shenyang also has strict precautionary measures in place to safeguard our students from the dangers of engaging in physical activities outdoors on days when air quality is poor. These rules also apply to field trips.

Indoor Air Quality Protocols

QSI Shenyang has systems in place to provide high-quality filtered air in every classroom. Filtered air is constantly pumped into the building safely and quietly. These systems have been installed throughout our school building.

QSI Shenyang tests and reviews its air filtration systems to ensure the best possible air quality solutions. The school custodial staff and cleaners maintain these purifiers. The teachers also monitor the operation and cleanliness of the machines. If the machine is not being properly maintained by the custodial and cleaning staff, the teacher will notify the custodian or cleaner to clean or repair these machines, and inform the Administrative Assistant as necessary. Our systems allow for safe physical activity indoors when outdoor air quality is deemed unsafe.

Outdoor Air Quality Protocols

QSI Shenyang closely monitors outdoor air quality, using the air quality index reported by the U.S. Consulate in Shenyang available at http://www.stateair.net/web/post/1/5.html. Readings are updated every hour. Based on these measurements, QSI Shenyang may take necessary precautions to protect students from the dangers of air pollution using the Air Quality Response Index Chart below.

Air Quality Index (AQI) Action Taken Outcome
0-200 No action taken by school
Student recess and outdoor play will continue as usual
200-239 No action taken by school unless requested by parent
Student recess and outdoor play will go on as usual; indoor options will be provided in the library or cafeteria for any students whose parents have requested this.
240+ Action taken by school for all students
All outdoor PE classes, outdoor recess and outdoor after school activities likely cancelled. Students will stay indoors as much as possible.