Science literacy is the artery through which the solutions of tomorrow's problems flow.
- Neil deGrasse Tyson


The opening of science week kicked off spotlighting “Famous Females in Science” and a science show featuring our secondary female scientists.

After the science show, elementary students paired up with different class levels for extended lessons in science.



"The Physics of Flight" - Each elementary class designed two water rockets to launch during lunch recess. Throughout the day students also built parachutes, shot balloon rockets, and discovered why airplanes and helicopters worked. 



At 2:30 the 9-year-old Bridge Building Competition will begin..

Whose design is the strongest and why?


**All Parents are invited to view Science Fair Projects and Class Exhibitions from 2:00pm-3:10pm.

Students presented science projects and presentations throughout the day.  


9-Year-Old Class

12-Year-Old Class

13-Year-Old Class

Secondary Biology




All About Animals and Their Habitats

Visit the 5-year-old class and view students' animal reports and habitat displays.


The Human Body

Explore the human body like never before! Visit the 6-year-old class to learn more about the human body.


Come learn all about honeybees from the 7-year-old class!


Come see the 8-year-old’s dioramas of habitats from around the world, and read their informative reports about their favorite animals.

Light Waves: Gortimer Gibbon’s Rainbow Making Machine

Inspired by our favorite TV show, the 11-year-old class attempted to recreate a machine, using light, lenses, and prisms, that could project a rainbow into the sky. What we learned, however, may be even more important than what lies over the rainbow. Come see our scientific thinking in action and try making rainbows of your own!


Students had an opportunity to listen to various speakers present their chosen profession.

Elementary Speakers included a Bee Keeper, a Police Officer, a Fireman, and a Doctor.

Secondary Speakers included a K1 World & European Champion, a Lawyer, a Journalist from CNN (former QSIS student), an FBI Agent, a Writer, an Investigative Researcher, an Aeronautical Engineer, a Public Relations Specialist, a Professor of Business & Marketing (former QSIS student), a Photojournalist and the UNICEF Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Take Your Child to Work Day

**All elementary students had the opportunity to leave school at 1:00 to job-shadow their parents. 

An Afternoon Without Walls

Students who will NOT be accompanying their parents to work will engage in lessons and learning outside of the school building.

5 - 7-Year-Olds

The lower elementary students will visit the The Dog Trust. 

8 - 10-Year-Olds

The upper elementary school students will learn the physics behind roller coasters as they participate in a science lesson at Sunny Land and ride the Alpine Roller Coaster.

11-Year-Old - Secondary IV Students

11-year-old - Secondary IV students will have an opportunity to visit one of four locations based on their preference.


A.      ICMP Science (Forensic Lab)

B.      Al Jazeera – Journalism (News Broadcasting)

C.      Softhouse –Computer Science (App Development)

D.     National Theater – Performing Arts (Backstage Tour)


LIGHTS OUT!  Elementary students spent 7th and 8th period in the dark working on environmental projects.

Secondary participated in a group interaction invention project on the soccer field.  They might have got a little wet!  


To View the Entire Photo Gallery from Science Week Click the Link below.




View the Science Week Video below.