QSIS Peace Day




The Peace Pledge

♥ I promise to put personal peace as my primary goal each day, and to interact with the world and those around me in a way that best serves my peacefulness.

♥ I will choose my words and actions so that the best, most likely outcome for me is inner peace.

♥ I will sometimes choose to say nothing, rather than break my Pledge.

♥ I will be gentle with myself if I break the Pledge—practice makes perfect!

♥ I will not use the Peace Pledge as an excuse to “give up”, be “walked all over” or “surrender” when my values are challenged. My pledge for peace is not a vow of silence—I will continue to take a stand for things that matter to me, but in a new way.

♥ If people ask me why I am behaving differently, I will tell them I have taken a Peace Pledge.

♥ I will not preach—rather, I will lead by example and let my new peacefulness shine a light for my friends, workmates, family and people I meet in the street.

♥ I am a person of action, not words. My actions make a difference. With each success I become the change I wish to see in the world and World Peace gets a little closer.