Week-long events include a book cover door contest, class book reviews, and reading logs.



Morning Assembly

 Literacy Week Introduction, Read and Feed Kick-off, and Teacher Read Aloud



The goal of “Read and Feed” is to help raise funds by reading books and collecting funds for a local group, Noble Hearts, in Vogosca. Noble Hearts will use donated land to start a berry farm. Local families will pick and sell berries from the farm, and profits will be used to help cover the cost of meals at local schools for those in need.




Secondary students were paired with elementary classrooms to read and share chosen books. 


Student Monologue

Secondary IV student, Aldin Traljic, recited the St. Crispin's Day speech from William Shakespeare's Henry V during each lunch shift.



Elementary Teacher Swap

Teachers swap classrooms, and read a book to another group of students.



Student Book Swap


Author Presentation 


Students are encouraged to dress like their favorite book character.



Whole School Read-In



Closing Assembly

Classes were acknowledged for door decorations.


Elementary Shakespeare Workshop

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