Our Team





Over a three and a half month season, the team demonstrated dedication to the cross country running program. Four students from middle school on up trained in and around Vogosca where they encouraged one another, showed strength, and had clear gains in their endurance . The quiet village and mountain roads were the perfect setting to train for cross country. They competed in multiple local 5 kilometer races, as well as a 10 kilometer race in Novi Sad, Serbia. It was truly a privilege to coach these girls.

- Mrs. Gaines


 Athletic director words

The QSIS Athletics Program was formed to promote athletics and student growth on all levels (emotional, mental, social, physical and environmental). Being part of a team leads to a deeper understanding of communication and leadership. It fosters stronger relationships, teaches perseverance, and helps develop self-esteem and critical thinking skills.
Our athletic mission is to give every student at QSIS an opportunity to participate in athletics. Students will support their peers, motivate others, and learn in a positive environment while gaining a lifelong skills and experiences.
- Mrs. Ajla Numic - Skrijelj