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Secondary High School Basketball:
This team was a clear definition of what "Wolfpack" pride is.  From every practice to every game they were passionate, driven and gave everything they had.  This team supported each other all the way through the season.  When one fell, the others would rise to the occasion and continue to push even harder.  So proud to coach an absolutely wonderful group of players.  They are a true representation of "Wolfpack" pride!
-Coach Martin


QSIS Girls Basketball Team is made of thirteen players and the Head and the Assistant Coach. Our basketball season lasts for three and a half months in which period the team has an opportunity to practice two times a week and play games with other regional basketball school teams. The QSIS team proudly hosted the CEESA Basketball Tournament in March 2019, competing against four other QSI schools from Europe. The girls are highly motivated, committed and passionate about the sport and the team is resilient and they all work hard. We are looking forward to continuing our dedicated work in basketball in the following year. Great job QSIS basketball girls! 😊

Ms. Irma and Ms. Selma


MS Boys Basketball:
The Wolfpack proved to be a formidable team this season. Despite the lack of wins, they had many victories. Every player on the team contributed a point or rebound or steal throughout the season, leading the way for the team to score at least 30 points a game all season long. Thanks to a dynamic offense, solid defense, and an unbreakable spirit, the Wolfpack were the team to beat at the CEESA tournament in Krakow with almost every game coming down to the very last second.
- Mr. Ceci



 Athletic director words

The QSIS Athletics Program was formed to promote athletics and student growth on all levels (emotional, mental, social, physical and environmental). Being part of a team leads to a deeper understanding of communication and leadership. It fosters stronger relationships, teaches perseverance, and helps develop self-esteem and critical thinking skills.
Our athletic mission is to give every student at QSIS an opportunity to participate in athletics. Students will support their peers, motivate others, and learn in a positive environment while gaining a lifelong skills and experiences.
- Mrs. Ajla Numic - Skrijelj