Scholarships and Discounts

2018-2019 Scholarship Application

Discount Policy

Discounts are available provided the entity responsible for the fees has completed the discount policy form requesting the discount. 

Discounts of $100 each will be given for full term payments made on or before the due dates.  An additional discount of $200 will be given if the full annual payment is completed on or before the first of October 2016. Thus, a total discount of $500 is possible for students enrolled in the 5-year-olds class and above. However, if the first term payment is not received before the first term due date, but the entire year payment is made by 1 October 2016, the maximum discount is $400.  There is no discount available for the 2-, 3-, and 4-year-olds classes or scholarship students.

Organizations or parents are encouraged to donate the timely payment discounts. The school’s Advisory Board, with recommendations from the Director, will decide how these funds will be utilized.

 Note:  If the full payment is made by the required date, and the discount is not taken, the discount will automatically be allocated to use chosen by the Advisory Board with recommendations from the Director.

If you choose NOT donate your timely payment discount, complete and return the form below:

Forfeited Discount Form


QSI International School of Sarajevo

Scholarship Policy 

The Advisory Board of QSI International School of Sarajevo will appropriately award scholarships to deserving families. Board members whose children are receiving scholarships must excuse themselves from discussion concerning specific requests for aid and may not vote in such cases.

 Application and Notification: Scholarship requests or renewals must be received by April 1st for the following academic year. Applications for scholarship are prioritized: first, applications from existing scholarship students and applications from students who are entering our secondary program, second, applications from students who are entering the 11-year-old class and above, and, finally, applications from students who are entering the 5-year-old class and above. All new applicants for scholarship must meet with the Director before the application may be acted upon. Applications will also be accepted and considered throughout the year on an “as needed” basis if financing becomes available.

The administration will officially notify applicants in letter form by May 10 of each year. Incomplete or late applications will be denied. Available Funding: Each school year the amount of money available for scholarship will not exceed 10% of the regular school fee income for students paying full tuition from 5-years-old and older. No student may be awarded an amount in excess of one full tuition.

Eligibility Criteria: The Advisory Board gives scholarship preference to Bosnian families. Other families experiencing extreme financial difficulties may also apply. Deserving students will demonstrate the criteria listed below

  • Students must be in good academic standing in their respective grades, be an asset and contributor to the positive social climate of the school based on their previous school experiences.
  • Deserving students are those identified as students whose families do not receive tuition reimbursement from their sponsoring agency or an adequate overseas educational allowance.
  • Deserving students may also be identified as students whose parent is teaching at QSI.
  • Assistance is available to students in the 5-year-old class and above.

 Maintaining Eligibility for Scholarships:

  • Students must maintain acceptable grades and make good progress in all subject areas. Students may not have two consecutive “D’s” on their status report during the year, which indicates lack of academic effort. If the student does not maintain acceptable grades parents will be notified and the student placed on academic probation.
  • Student behavior and contribution to the social climate of the school must be consistently positive. It is expected that parents of the recipient will involve themselves and contribute toward the general welfare of the QSI community. Expulsion will result in immediate loss of scholarship.
  • Students must attend school regularly and excessive absences or tardiness will affect scholarships from being awarded the following year.
  • The Director may take any student before the Advisory Board for possible revoking of a student's scholarship for poor academic or behavioral issues.
  • The Director may place the student on probation while the scholarship is reviewed by the Advisory Board at their next scheduled meeting. Parents and students would be notified by the Director.
  • Families must reapply each year to ensure commitment to the school and educational community.

Students, having received a scholarship, will have priority over new applicants.

In all cases, the decision of the Advisory Board is final.

Updated: 15 February 2017