Air Quality Policy

2018-2019 School Year

 At QSI International School of Sarajevo, we are concerned for the well-being of all students and staff while at school.  In our ongoing effort to ensure that our schools are clean and healthy, and with a concerted effort to institute safety measures in case of earthquake, fire, and other emergencies, we are now considering poor air quality as an additional safety concern. Our campus facilities are equipped with modern and reliable HEPA air-filtration systems from the United States. QSI Sarajevo also has strict precautionary measures in place to safeguard our students from the dangers of engaging in physical activities outdoors on days when the air quality is poor.

 QSI Sarajevo closely monitors outdoor air quality. Readings are updated daily. Based on these measurements, QSI Sarajevo takes action to protect students from the dangers of air pollution using the Air Quality Response Index Chart below.