Secondary I - Secondary IV (14 to 18-Year-Olds) 


 Shared global conversations, sharing of cultures and expanded learning opportunities are of benefit to all students when applying to university, regardless of citizenship. Academic performance, community involvement, social integration and the ability to showcase those experiences all contribute to a strong university application. 

--John Wilkerson 


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QSI International School of Sarajevo’s Secondary Program offers a rigorous, English-language based, college-preparatory program. The secondary program provides students several options for fulfilling their graduation requirements including a General Diploma, an Academic Diploma, and an Academic Diploma with Honors. All diplomas are certified by the American-based Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

In addition to our regular courses, we also offer numerous AP courses. Our secondary class sizes are small at three to ten students, allowing our teachers to devote significant time to individual needs. The mastery learning model creates great flexibility to our students, enabling them to progress through the curriculum at their own pace. QSI students are actively engaged in their learning, including scientific experiments, attending Model United Nations Conferences, mathematics competitions, participation in student council, and planning and fundraising for field trips.

The diversity of our student population also enriches the learning experience. The various languages, customs, and food that students often bring from home can be as meaningful as classroom instruction in developing global citizens that may succeed in any part of the world. As QSI intends to educate students with a global vision there is a community service requirement for all secondary students. Secondary students must complete 30 hours of service. There are a variety of ways to earn this credit at school programs such as Roots & Shoots. However, students are encouraged to reach out into the community as well to begin using their creativity and energy to support worthy causes.


THE AP INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA is offered through the College Board. Students must earn a score of 3 or higher on five or more total AP Exams, based on the exam criteria requirements within 4 different content areas. Exams taken multiple times will only count once; the highest score will be used for award calculation. *In addition to APID requirements, all QSI graduation requirements must be fulfilled.

THE ACADEMIC DIPLOMA WITH HONORS is the most advanced diploma offered by Quality Schools International. Requirements are the same as for the Academic Diploma but with the condition that the credits include at least two Advanced Placement (AP) courses (of ten credits each).

THE ACADEMIC DIPLOMA is a college preparatory course of study. Students who satisfactorily complete this program should expect admittance into an American college or university or universities in other countries.

THE GENERAL DIPLOMA is available to students who experience English language difficulties, time restraints, or other problems which make it impractical to pursue a more advanced course of study. It is only available to students who are in their fourth year of secondary or who turn 18 before October of the intended year of graduation. A Minimum of 220 credits is required, including required courses and electives.


QSI graduates attend prestigious universities all over the world.