Dear Parents and Students,

It is apparent as soon as you walk through the doors that QSI International School of Sarajevo is a warm, family-oriented environment that embraces diversity, collaboration, and global education. We are fortunate to have a fully staffed faculty composed of experienced and highly innovative educators. 

QSI International School of Sarajevo will celebrate its 20-year anniversary next year and is proud of the innovative and diverse learning community it has established in Sarajevo. QSI International School of Sarajevo is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools in the United States. Our graduates attend prestigious universities all over the world. 

QSIS offers a wonderful combination of small classes, a caring staff, and involved families. Students have a full academic schedule which challenges each student at their instructional level. The core subjects for elementary students include: mathematics, reading, language arts, cultural studies, and science. Elementary students also take technology, Music, Art, PE, Bosnian Culture and Foreign Language from specialists. Students engage in activities that help them grow as individuals and learners.

Our middle school and secondary students have the opportunity to take classes and electives that will prepare them for the rigors of university. B-C-S, German, and French are taught as foreign languages beginning in the 5-year-olds class. Music, art, physical education, and technology are also part of the required curriculum. Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered to secondary students in a variety of subject areas: Calculus, Biology, World History, German, French, and Literature/Language. Virtually all seniors plan to attend a four-year university. 

QSI is governed by a Board of Directors of Quality Schools International, the membership of which is formed as set forth in the bylaws of Quality Schools International. A local Advisory Board, composed of parent members who reside in Sarajevo, assists QSIS in its operation. The School operates with the approval of the government of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina.



Mrs. Natalie Barboza