After School Activities

undefinedQISM has a wealth of offerings for our students to help them discover their interests, learn a new skill, or just relax with friends. Several times a year, parents are given a choice of selecting voluntary activities for their children. At any given time, students have the options of clubs such as photography club, cheer leading, book club, paper folding, outdoor activities, ballet, baseball for beginners, student council, 3D computer design, robotics, puzzle club, painting, and more.

Student Council

QSI Minsk has active Student Councils at both elementary (age 5–11) and a Middle/Secondary (age 12 and up) levels.
The Elementary Student Council has elected representatives beginning in the 7-year-olds class and school officers are elected from the 10- and 11-year-olds classes. The whole student body participates in elections each September. Elementary Student Council plans monthly movie nights, spirit weeks, lock-ins, dances, bake sales, and more. Our Student Council oversees toy and clothing drives for the Children's Cancer Center of Minsk twice each year.

undefinedMonthly Movie Night

The Elementary Building holds monthly movie nights on the last Wednesday or Friday of each month.  Students age 5 and older participate, and get to stay after school, play games, watch kid-friendly movies, eat pizza with friends, and then head home for the evening. 

Week Without Walls

Middle school and secondary students students at QISM have the option of participating in a week-long excursion to another country. Tying in with our cultural studies and English curriculum, this trip allows students to experience their learning in a new and exciting way, by visiting places that they have read about in class. In the past, students have visited Lisbon, Krakow, Rome, London, St. Petersburg, Kyiv, Prague, and the Naliboki Forest during these exciting weeks. For many this stands as a high point of the year.