undefinedOur fully accredited four-year Secondary Program aims to prepare students for top university acceptance in North America or Europe.  While studying at QISM, students be engage in challenging work, in core academic areas as well as in the fine arts.  


University Acceptance

Our graduates are accepted into top universities around the world.

United States: Pennsylvania State (PA), Rutgers University (NJ), University of Illinois at Urbana (IL)

Africa: University of Cape Town (South Africa)

Europe: Berlin School of Economics & Law (Germany), Northumbria University (UK), Sciences Po (France), University of Warsaw (Poland), Warsaw University of Technology (Poland), John Cabot (Italy)


Advanced Placement Capstone

In 2015 QISM launched a new and innovative AP Capstone Diploma program, designed by the College Board, to equip students with skills vital for academic success at university. The program consists of two key courses, AP Seminar and AP Research, and at least four other AP courses. Students who successfully complete these core courses, and obtain scores of 3 or higher on their respective exams, receive an AP Capstone Certificate. Students who also obtain scores of 3 or higher on four or more other AP exams earn an AP Capstone Diploma.

The AP Capstone diploma is currently recognized by nearly 300 universities, including Harvard University, MIT, University of California, Berkeley,  Georgetown University, New York University, University of Pennsylvania, to name a few. Holders of AP Capstone Diploma have a significant advantage in the university acceptance process and may receive college credit for the AP classes they have successfully completed in high school. Only 12 International schools were selected to participate in AP Capstone in 2014–15, and QISM was the first small international school selected by the College Board to implement this wonderful program. It is a great honor for our school, and an amazing opportunity for our students.

Current AP Courses: AP English Language and Composition, AP Computer Science, AP Psychology, AP Physics, AP Statistics, and AP Russian (prototype). In 2015, more courses will be added to accommodate the capstone program.  

AP Capstone Brochure




Our accreditation through the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA) ensures that students receive a universally recognized diploma that prepares them for a bright academic future. Since 1887, the prestigious MSA accreditation is considered the gold standard for schools, as it verifies the quality of each member school through yearly reporting and visitations. At QISM we take our membership in MSA quite seriously by actively planning and implementing improvement plans to create a strong school environment.