undefinedQSI values the host country language and culture in which we are actively studying. As such, we at QSI International School of Minsk offer a full program for Russian language, ranging from introductory through AP levels. We believe it is important for our students to have exposure and further study with the Russian language and culture in order to integrate more fully into our community. Our curriculum helps our students read and write using the Cyrillic alphabet in print and in cursive with proper spelling, as well as develop Russian vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. We also believe it to be important that our students are familiar with the culture of Belarus and other Russian-speaking countries. Students aged 5–Secondary IV are engaged daily in Russian units of study.  


Levels of Study  


Pre-Introductory—The purpose of the 5-year-olds (Kindergarten) course is to provide a broad exposure to the language for both native and non-native children. Students focus on learning basic vocabulary through conversation, games, and hands-on projects.  Additionally, students are exposed to the Cyrillic alphabet and begin recognizing printed Russian letters.undefined

IntroductoryOur Introductory Courses are for students age 6 and up. Students at this level have little to no Russian ability, and learn the alphabet, proper phonetics, and early conversational Russian skills. In order to move into Intermediate classes, students are expected to read and write simple sentences, identify and say colors, numbers, days of week, seasons, months, and be able to participate in simple conversations by asking and answering questions.

Intermediate—This level is designed for students with one to two years of academic background in the Russian Language. These courses are centered on the practical application of communication skills, with an emphasis on the language material used in everyday situations while focusing on grammar. Students continue to acquire new vocabulary and practice using this vocabulary in reading, writing, and speaking. Students read and tell short stories, read traditional Russian folk tales, learn to correctly identify and use tenses (past and future) and the six cases.

Advanced/Native—Students  with at least three to four years of academic Russian study who are at or near native level are placed into our advanced classes. These classes are centered on the practical application of communication skills, but great emphasis is placed on the written word and proper academic Russian. Students continue to learn and apply Russian grammar skills to their speaking and writing, but they are also taught to analyze Russian literary texts. Students are introduced to the movements of Russian Classicism, Romanticism, and Realism. They begin to study and analyze works of Russian authors, ranging from ancient literature through the present day.



Russian language students participate in real-world practice through local and international excursions.