QSI International School of Minsk is accredited through Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA), an American accreditation organization that works with international schools. In addition, the school is supported by the U.S. Department of State and the Advanced Placement's College Board.

 Our daily studies include English (reading, grammar, composition, and spelling), Mathematics, Science, Cultural Studies, Art, Music, and Physical Education. Intensive English classes are offered to students, who need additional help with English. Computer use is integrated across the curriculum. Additional language acquisition is offered in Russian. The school seeks to provide students with an appreciation for the rich culture and history of Belarus. The entire curriculum can be accessed on the QSI curriculum site.

QSI International School of Minsk has a strong belief that all of our students can succeed and we work tirelessly to help them achieve that success in their personal, physical, and social lives.

The academic program challenges students to excel. This model ensures mastery of specific skills and knowledge involving both individual and group instruction. The educational philosophy is founded upon the premise that 1) All students can succeed, 2) Success breeds success, and 3) it is the responsibility of the school to provide the conditions for success through challenge and support.

undefinedQSI International School of Minsk believes it is better to engage in the study of the essentials of education and gain mastery, rather than cover large amounts of information superficially without mastery. This happens by hearing, seeing, and experiencing in learning situations, followed by practice and repeated exposure. Some of the ways this happens are through dialogue, questioning, experimentation, risk-taking, and group activities. In the end, our students engage in understanding "how to learn" as opposed to mere rote memorization of facts. In the realm of knowledge, QSI International School of Minsk has identified these areas for mastery:

Mathematics and Science

Mathematics and Science courses are critical in today’s world. Like all ISM courses, mathematics and science textbooks are all from the USA, and are all designed to build upon each other from bottom to top. World-class lab equipment and mathematics manipulatives are mainstays of our program.

English Instruction

English is vital for students learning in all subjects. For that reason ISM adds extra instructors in both reading and language arts courses to assure students get the help they need at the level they need it. This double focus on English, both reading and writing, gives ISM students extra support in their most essential course. As many students come to ISM without a background in English, specially trained teachers are here to push students to reach fluency as quickly as possible. At the same time, mainstream courses for students who are reading and writing at grade level are challenging, and incorporate listening, speaking, reading, writing, and creative expressive skills at all levels.

undefinedCultural Studies

Our students at ISM have experienced firsthand the importance of entering into another culture. As expatriates in Minsk, they have learned the value of studying traditions, history and philosophies of not only our host culture, but of cultures throughout time and around the world. Parents often visit classes to share their own experiences as representatives of cultures studied within the classroom.


As technology is the fastest changing part of our world, students of all ages are engaged in courses that teach and facilitate growth in word processing, Internet functionality, and safety, creativity, and design. These skills are then used in their other courses to add real world experience to the use of technology.

Physical Education and Personal Health

With regular classes at all levels, ISM students build awareness of fitness and movement, as well as develop the skills in sports and dance that allow them to interact with friends in sports and games, both during and after school.

Art and Music

Every Preschool, Elementary, and Middle School student at ISM is engaged in music and art classes each week. Our students have great instruction and outlet for their musical abilities as they play instruments and sing in the choir. All students also take art courses from a professional instructor in a wide-ranging program that includes, drawing, painting, sculpture, and pottery.

Foreign Languages

ISM provides the opportunity for students to learn Russian from professional instructors at all levels from beginners to native speakers. Students aged 5 and older receive daily instruction in Russian.