QSI Yerevan's Elementary Program

QSI Yerevan offers a rigorous academic program with high expectations and challenges for excellence. The QSI model ensures mastery of specific skills and knowledge involving both individual and group instruction. QSI’s educational philosophy is founded upon the premise that 1) All students can succeed, 2) Success breeds success, and 3) it is the responsibility of the school to provide the conditions for success through challenge and support.

QSI offers a full academic program of Mathematics, Literacy, Science, Cultural Studies, Technology, Art, Music, Languages, and Physical Education. All courses are taught in English by native speakers or certified non-native speakers.

The core classes are taught by native English speakers and every grade level has a full-time multilingual classroom assistant.

Special classes such as art, music, physical education, and foreign language are taught by local teachers who are multilingual and have advanced degrees.

  • Each special class organizes a concert, gallery, or activity involving the entire elementary program in recognition of the students’ accomplishments.

French, Russian, Spanish, and Armenian are offered as foreign languages and three of the four languages are taught by native speakers.

  • The foreign language program focuses on conversation with an individual approach for every level according to a child’s needs.
    Foreign language classes are offered to every grade level, 5 days a week for 48 minutes.
  • The foreign language department organizes 2 events to demonstrate your child’s language achievements to the school community.

The QSI library currently holds over 10,000 books containing variety of children's books from early reader, juvenile fiction, and young adult fiction to reference, and informational books, included are many Caldecott and Newbery award winning books.

Computer usage is integrated into the curriculum at all levels.
It is estimated that at least 40% of work is related to technology. It is understood that technology is an integral part of today’s world and students’ futures.

MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) testing is administered twice per year to give teachers an understanding of how to best teach each child at the optimal level for success.

QSI Gold is an online education program currently available for all students, teachers, and parents dealing with long term absences or for extra activities to enhance learning.

Current curriculum in Mathematics and Literacy offers links to interactive websites related to and enhancing information taught in the classroom.

undefinedExtracurricular activities are offered after school for all age groups such as multiple sports, dance, chess, a variety of arts and crafts, fun science experiments, and homework help.

A student whose first language is not English and needs English language support will take part in our Intensive English (IE) Program. This decision is made by teachers to ensure an optimal learning environment.

  • IE classes offer tiered activities that differentiate content at the elementary level to help students become proficient speakers, listeners, readers, and writers of the English language.
  • All QSI teachers provide English language support in all subjects to Intensive English students.
  • IE students learn the core subjects of Mathematics, Cultural Studies, and Science within the regular classroom.
  • Beginning English learners work in the Intensive English classroom for approximately 10 hours per week. As students become more proficient in English, they reduce the time spent in IE class and join the classroom for Literacy instruction. Depending on need, students can continue to take IE for 1 to 3 periods per week either with an IE teacher or the classroom teacher.

The QSI campus has an outdoor play/soccer field, a basketball court, a track, and an indoor air-conditioned play area.

At QSI Yerevan, children are viewed as individuals, and expectations are adjusted for each child. Instruction, learning opportunities, and movement within the curriculum are individualized to correspond with individual needs, interests, and abilities.

As an international school, the school strives to blend many cultures into a positive and safe learning environment. To do this, all staff promotes open-mindedness, tolerance and acceptance of differences in all people. Students are oriented for success with all staff promoting responsibility, trustworthiness, aesthetic appreciation, group interaction, independent endeavors, and kindness and politeness.