Tirana International School

September 27, 2017


Important Dates


27 - 8-10 YO New Student Meeting

28 - Room Parent Meeting (8:00)

28 - English Lessons for Parents (8:15)

29 - MS Parent Social (see info below)


4 - Success Orientation Assembly

7-8 - CEESA IT Director Conference at TIS

7 - SAT test

9-13 - Fall Break (No School)

20 - Fall Festival - 5:30 pm

25 - PSAT test

30 - Parent Teacher Conferences (4:00 - 8:00 pm)


Director's Desk

October is nearly upon us and there are many important activities to look forward to during this month.  First of all, we have our annual food drive that begins with a special kick off on October 4 during a Success Orientation assembly.  The Food Bank of Albania counts on the students and families of TIS to provide canned and dry goods to needy families around the country.  These donations should be brought to school during our Fall Festival on October 20.  We are counting on parents this year to help make this event a special one by volunteering their cars for our annual Trunk or Treat.  Finally, I wanted to note that we will have our first Parent/Teacher conferencesstarting on Monday, October 30.  As we did last year, parents will receive sign up links so that they can schedule conferences at a time that is best for them.  Let's have a wonderful month!    


Learning Through Play

The three year olds love to play with a variety of manipulatives to learn about colors and shapes. The children enjoy building towers with blocks, links, and Legos and we can incorporate counting into their play.


History Display

Students in World History have been studying the Renaissance, Reformation, and Scientific Revolution. To demonstrate their learning, each student chose an inventor or a particular invention to research in more depth. Students created a poster and presented their findings to the class. Now on to the Enlightenment!


CEESA Robotics

TIS is exited to announce that this year will be hosting a  huge event of CEESA MS Robotics . We will be expecting 100 students from 10 different countries . There will be 2 day tournament centered around the robot game where students will be divided in teams and will score point by programming their robot. The theme of this year is hydro dynamics. This will be a great opportunity for our students to have cultural interaction and profit from this challenging competition.


12 Writing

The 12 YO Writing class practices reflective journaling every other day for 20 minutes. Students respond to prompts in Writing journals on a variety of topics designed to encourage creativity and self-reflection while improving writing skills. 


Elementary Albanian

The 8 y.o. in Albanian Language have their own club which they decided to name "Sparkling Lights". As part of their unit, we talked about friendship and it's values, about how we can help the others etc. The students set their own rules for the club and they are happy to do something meaningful to them and to their friends. 


October Menu

Please find the menu for October here.


Toddler Play Group

What: TIS Toddler Playgroup 
Who: Parents and their little ones ages 3 and under. 
When: Wednesday mornings from 8:30-9:30
Where: TIS playgrounds (meet at the parent patio for a coffee first!)
Join us weekly on Wednesday mornings from 8:30-9:30 AM at the TIS playgrounds. Have a coffee and chat with friends while the little ones play and socialize. Contact Sarah Hardenbergh sarah.hardenbergh@gmail.com with any questions. Hope to see you there!