Tirana International School

September 20, 2017


Important Dates


18 - MAP Testing Begins

21 - Parent Coffee (8:00) - What is MAP Testing?

21 - Albanian for Beginners (8:00)

22 - Advanced Albanian Language (8:00)

23 - Saturday Soccer Begins 

27 - 8-10 YO New Student Meeting

28 - Room Parent Meeting (8:00)

28 - English Lessons for Parents (8:15)

29 - MS Parent Social (see info below)


4 - Success Orientation Assembly

9-13 - Fall Break (No School)


Director's Desk

Can you believe that 10% of the school year is already finished?  Even though it seems that the year is just getting started, we celebrated our first milestone this week as classes started finishing up their first units of study.  I find it exciting to walk around the school each day and see how students are engaged in learning and applying their knowledge in real world situations.  This week the 7 year old class created weather reports from around the world using our new video studio.  The middle school students designed digital cartoons in their literature classes to sum up their grammar lessons from the first unit.  The secondary students effectively used descriptive language to write autobiographies.  Next time you are on campus, take a look and see what students are learning and doing - you will be amazed!   


Technology and Language

The Intensive English students are greatly enjoying their use of technology this year. Students can access their work any time and place and it is very easy to manage the multiple needs and levels in the classroom. Some great tools we are using are: Quizlet (word practice), Quill (grammar practice), Kahoot! and a lot more.


11s Write!

In 11 year old Literacy we have been very busy in writing.  We've written short pieces about ourselves and have begun our first narrative pieces.  We just finished studying our first novel in literature circles.  Students read either Hatchet, From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankenweiler or Danny, Champion of the World.  Students have also been learning about all the different categories of nouns during grammar work.


In Perspective

The students in Art II course have been working to develop skills in observational drawing. Their challenge was to keep the right proportions, represent texture, and use shading to convey form. This was not an easy assignment and they can be surely proud of their results. 


Using the Library

To make finding sources easier, our library is divided in different sections. The seven-year-old students have started to identify and label these sections. Now they are in the process of learning to read call numbers of books and find them on the shelves. They are enjoying the process of searching for books using different searching options on Destiny and locating them independently.



In mathematics, the Fives have been working with numbers 0-5.  They have participated in various fun learning math centers to practice and reinforce the already introduced math number sense skills.   Besides identifying, writing, and matching these numbers in various interactive games, the Fives have also learned how to compare sets of objects with 0-5 using appropriate vocabulary: greater then, less then, same.  In order to reinforce this TSW, the Fives learned the “Alligator” song through which they compared and contrasted numbers using different alligator mouths that represented greater, less then, and same symbols.


AP Biology

AP Biology student are reinforcing their knowledge about the four macromolecules that serve as building blocks for living organisms. Students were practicing chemical reactions and the formation of polymers from simple monomers. They had to form five complex polymers using dehydration synthesis reactions.



Ahoy Mateys!  The 8 year olds celebrated “International Talk Like a Pirate Day!” They spent the day writing stories, learning new spelling words and reading stories about pirates!  Students created fantastic costumes and used their map skills to navigate maps. The 8 year olds applied their math knowledge in solving math riddles and decoding secret messages.  A fun day of learning was had by all!


German Travel

For our first unit in German, we talked about summer vacation. Students prepared written reports and then told the group about their experiences as they traveled the world.  All was in German, of course.  If you want to travel somewhere you can ask us for tips or read our booklets! But first you have to know German. 


Toddler Play Group

What: TIS Toddler Playgroup 
Who: Parents and their little ones ages 3 and under. 
When: Wednesday mornings from 8:30-9:30
Where: TIS playgrounds (meet at the parent patio for a coffee first!)
Join us weekly on Wednesday mornings from 8:30-9:30 AM at the TIS playgrounds. Have a coffee and chat with friends while the little ones play and socialize. Contact Sarah Hardenbergh sarah.hardenbergh@gmail.com with any questions. Hope to see you there!