Tirana International School

October 4, 2017


Important Dates


4 - Success Orientation Assembly

4-20 - TIS Food Drive to support Albanian Food Bank

7-8 - CEESA IT Director Conference at TIS

7 - SAT test

9-13 - Fall Break (No School)

20 - Fall Festival - 5:30 pm

25 - PSAT test

30 - Parent Teacher Conferences (4:00 - 8:00 pm)

31 - Parent Teacher Conferences (3:30 - 4:00 pm)


1 - Parent Teacher Conferences (8:00 am - 12:00 noon) - No school for students

2-3 - TIS Professional Development Days - No school for students

13 - 17 - FALL into Reading Week

16-19 - MS CEESA Robotics competition at TIS.

24 - Albanian Day at TIS

27-29 - Albanian National Holidays - No school for students


Director's Desk

It is time once again for our annual Fall Festival, which will take place on October 20.  In the past this event was hosted by a small group that would take on all of the responsibility for planning and implementation.  Although the event was always successful, we found it unfair to expect a few teachers and parent volunteers to take on this huge undertaking.  Therefore we are asking that the entire community come together to each participate a little bit to make the event special for all. This year we are requesting that all TIS parents take part in the Trunk or Treat event by bringing their cars, opening their trunks, and providing a treat for students.  This does not mean that cars have to be decorated as they had been in the past when only a few cars were involved.  Families that would like to decorate their cars are welcome to do so, but it is certainly not expected.  Parents should arrive with their vehicles and park inside the school grounds between 5:30 and 6:00, so that we can close the main gate and create a safe place for children to walk around during the event.  Families should bring at least 125 individually wrapped candies or other items to give out to students as they come by the vehicle with the magic words “Trunk or Treat.”  These may be very small candies, stickers or prizes, so don’t feel as if you need to buy whole bags of candy for each child since there will be many cars giving out treats.   Thank you all for making this a wonderful event for our children.  


Fall Festival Registration

All parents and students that will attend the Fall Festival should register with this online form.  This process will help us to plan ahead and communicate with you directly about the event.  



On October 18, parents will receive a digital sign up list in the newsletter that will allow them to book their fall parent/teacher conferences that take place at the end of the month.  Conferences can be booked for September 30 (3:30 - 8:00 pm), September 31 (3:30 - 4:10 pm), and November 1 (8:00 am - 12:00).  Note that school will take place as normal on Monday and Tuesday, but morning conferences will replace the academic day on Wednesday, November 1.


New Activities

Starting next week there will be 2 new after school activities. 

Tue: Kung-Fu (7-10 YO) Students who are not registered in any ASA will have priority.

Fri: Guitar ( 7-9 YO)

Starting from October 16 TIS will have World Language Mondays.  The first languages offered will be Chinese Mandarin for beginners and Arabic.  If you would like your children to attend, then please contact Blerta Sadiku at the email below.  Note that we still not be offering a later bus on Monday.   

Please contact our activities coordinator for more information : blerta-sadiku@alb.qsi.org



The 12 year old students have been engaged in creating silhouette collages by using their own profiles as their subject. The profile is traced around their silhouette onto the paper with some help from their partners. In the next step of the process, students select and cut out images in the magazines that describe their personalities and interests. The pieces are carefully placed and glued to compose their artwork, adding  a soft touch of paint to the background.  This fun project it’s a great way to capture not only what they look like, but also teaches them how to work in teams, how to make connections between art and their lives. In the end, the result is a beautiful personalized composition.


10 Science

The 10 Year Old Class is beginning a Science unit about the human body. This week, they've been exploring all the cool things their bodies can do. They've been asking questions and investigating things like:  How high can you jump? Why is your pulse slow when you're resting and faster after exercising? What body systems do we use every day and how do they work? We've even been exploring some fun and silly things like: Can you cross your eyes and lick your elbow? Fun times ahead for the 10 Year Old Class as we continue to investigate!


Fine Motor 

The Dragonflies work on their literacy, math and fine motor skills every morning during center time. The different activities change on a weekly basis; here you can see the children occupied by Geoboards- a fun way to learn shapes and enhance fine motor abilities.


Story Time

The 7 year olds have been going through the steps of the writing process and are now publishing their personal narratives. Students wrote stories from memorable trips and special occasions with their friends and families. They learned to include vivid details and sense words to make their writing more exciting. Here are some of the descriptive phrases they used to show what they saw and felt…

"My ice cream melted like a very soggy and sweet soup."

"I went to the beach in the salty water"

"Then we went on a roller coaster! My heart was beating fast!"

"I set up the chocolate chip cookies and warm milk with my mom."


AP Calculus

In Calculus, students are using Circuit Training to review basic derivatives. Circuit training is a great way to spiral older topics along with practicing new concepts. It also serves as a great opportunity for students to self check because the cards should create one circle of knowledge when matched correctly. 


AP History

The Students in AP World History Class have been working on a Classical Empires Social Media Project. In these they were assigned one of the large empires (Roman, Persian, Indian, or Chinese) during the era 600 BCE to 600 CE and had to create Social Media posts regarding a variety of topics about their empire. They could choose the platform of their choice (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat) to create these posts. 



IE students are really enjoying reading, organizing and drafting Cause and Effect essays. Some of the most chosen topics are causes and effects of global warming and effects of technology in our lives. The final copies will be displayed outside the IE room 421. 

Mailing address: Tirana International School, Fshati Mullet, Kutia Postare 1527, Tirana, Albania, 1, AL