Tirana International School

October 18, 2017


Important Dates


20 - Fall Festival - 5:30 pm

20 - Status Reports for Q1 Sent 

25 - PSAT test

27 - School Photo Day

30 - Parent Teacher Conferences (4:00 - 8:00 pm)

31 - Parent Teacher Conferences (3:30 - 4:00 pm)


1 - Parent Teacher Conferences (8:00 am - 12:00 noon) - No school for students

2-3 - TIS Professional Development Days - No school for students

12 - TIS Brunch at Sheraton

13 - 17 - FALL into Reading Week

17 - Last day to order Scholastic books!

16-19 - MS CEESA Robotics competition at TIS.

24 - Albanian Day at TIS

27-29 - Albanian National Holidays - No school for students


Director's Desk

First of all, we look forward to seeing everyone on Friday evening at the Fall Festival.  This event promises to be a great opportunity for children to get together and celebrate the season with their friends.  For full details, please see the article below.

Second, it is time to start scheduling Parent/Teacher conferences.  The sign up information is below and we encourage you to begin the process of booking your meetings right away with your child's teachers.  Based on the feedback that you provided, we are trying to spread out the conferences a bit more to give you the opportunity to schedule times that work best for your families.  If the times that we have created from October 30 - November 1 do not work, then please contact teachers to look for an alternative meeting date.  

Finally, we want to remind you that there will be no school for students on November 1 - 3 due to conferences and TIS teacher professional development days.  During these days, the teachers will attend a conference, where they will learn more about 21st century education, cooperative learning, and important safety skills.  Our goal is to constantly improve and find better ways to serve the community in Tirana.     


Fall Festival Information

We are excited to host the TIS annual Fall Festival on Friday night from 5:30 - 8:00.  Please see below for some last minute instructions:

1. Registration - We kindly ask that all families register for the Fall Festival through the online form so that we can better estimate attendance.

2. Parking - Only those parents that are participating in Trunk or Treat can park on campus.  Due to safety concerns, we are only allowing participants to be inside the gate to ensure that children can safely move around the territory.  All other cars will need to be parked off campus.  If you would still like to participate in Trunk or Treat and have not signed up yet, please indicate your desire in the online form.  

3. Trunk or Treat - We still have only about 40 cars signed up for Trunk or Treat.  Parents, we need your help to make this evening a success and meet our goal of 70 cars!  This year we are requesting that all TIS parents take part in the Trunk or Treat event by bringing their cars, opening their trunks, and providing a treat for students.  This does not mean that cars have to be decorated as they had been in the past when only a few cars were involved.  Families that would like to decorate their cars are welcome to do so, but it is certainly not expected.  Parents should arrive with their vehicles and park inside the school grounds between 5:30 and 6:00, so that we can close the main gate and create a safe place for children to walk around during the event.  Again, it is important to note that only those cars that are participating in Trunk or Treat are allowed on campus Friday evening!  Families should bring at least 125 individually wrapped candies or other items to give out to students as they come by the vehicle with the magic words “Trunk or Treat.”  These may be very small candies, stickers or prizes, so don’t feel as if you need to buy whole bags of candy for each child since there will be many cars giving out treats.   Thank you all for making this a wonderful event for our children. Send questions to robert-jackson@qsi.org

4. Food Drive - Payment for this event comes as a donation to the Albanian Food Bank.  Each child participant should bring two bags filled with canned/dry goods for the needy of Albania.  If children show up empty handed, then they may pay 2000 leke to enter, and the school will use that money to buy more food for the food bank.  Students are welcome to bring their food in early on Thursday or Friday of this week, and we will put their name on the VIP list so that they go right into the event.  


Parent/Teacher Conferences

It is time once again to schedule our fall parent/teacher conferences.  This year, we are trying a new format, by which you can book your conferences directly with teachers through their TIS google calendars.  The list of teachers and links can be found here.  If you do not have a google account, then you may use your child's tismail.org account to book your appointments.  Note that only homeroom teachers, IE teachers and MS/Secondary teachers are being booked online.  Preschool teachers are booking their conferences directly with parents, and all other teachers (Language teachers, specialists, and administration) will be in the cafeteria and available on a drop in basis.  That means that you can just come by the cafeteria and see your child's foreign language, PE, art, library and technology teachers either before or after your other conferences.  If you have a problem with organizing your conferences through the online booking system, then please contact erdit-cironaku@alb.qsi.org.


September 30 (3:30 - 8:00 pm)

September 31 (3:30 - 4:00 pm)

November 1 (8:00 am - 12:00)


School Picture Day

Mark your calendars, grab a comb and get ready for school picture day on October 27.  Digital copies of student photos will be available free of charge to parents once we are finished with processing them in early November.  


Scholastic Book Order

The October/November Scholastic book order has begun!  As in the past, families can order and pay for books online so that they can be bundled and shipped directly to the school at the beginning of December.  This is a great way for parents to encourage reading and even get some winter gifts for their children.  Follow this link and order your books before November 17.


Studies in Soap

AP Biology students created a model of the plasma membrane using bubbles from a soap solution. The bubbles did replicate the properties of the plasma membrane by performing all the roles and qualities the membrane has including the membrane’s flexibility and elasticity, its ability to repair itself after there’s a tear in the membrane, and how in eukaryotic cells it gives rise to membrane bound organelles. In addition, the AP Bio students were able to see how the membrane proteins such as channel proteins allow communication between the cell and the environment, how gap junction is formed, and how the cell membrane divides during binary fission. 


German News

The Alphabet Train always stops by the German class and waits for the little ones to hop on it and sing along. Singing and writing their names has become more fun since adding colors in to it. Can YOU ask someone in German "What's your name?". Because THEY can. 



Students in AP Human Geography have been studying population. They have looked at reasons for growth and decline, analyzed trends in certain countries and regions, and made predictions about population expectations for the 21st century. One tool that aids geographers in their study of population is the population pyramid. In class, students selected a country and drew the corresponding pyramid then analyzed the current trends.


AP Art

AP Art History students are moving fast forward and already started a unit on the Middle Ages. They are especially excited to learn about monuments and places they have visited before, whether it is Pantheon in Rome or Haghia Sophia in Istanbul. If you need a tour guide any place you go, in a few months they will surely be able to do a great job! 


8 News

Scholar Dollar Sale!  The 8 year olds worked hard to earn Scholar Dollars for their first sale.  Students prepared homemade goodies, recycled items and creative artwork to sell to classmates.  The 8 year olds used their math skills in addition, subtraction and even multiplication to ensure their store made a profit.  Scholar dollars is great way to encourage students to earn classroom cash for positive behavior and to model the success orientations!


MS Algebra

In 11 year old Math we have begun our introduction to algebra.  Students are very excited to start doing math with letters.  We've focused our introductory lessons on learning to evaluate algebraic expressions.  The class has also been working to improve their multiplication facts.  In class we have been playing the exciting game Back to Back.  Ask your child how it's played!


It's Destiny!

Destiny Library Manager is a complete library management system that can be accessed from anywhere, helping to strengthen the crucial bond between the library, the classroom, and home. The eight-year-old students have practiced using Destiny search options to locate books by keyword, title, author and subject. A choice allows children to be enthusiastic about what they are reading, and in turn they will be engaged.


5 Writing

In writing, the Fives listened to narrative, informational and true personal stories on daily basis in order to gather ideas about narrative writing.   One of their favorite books was When I Was Five.  They became introduced to the writer’s workshop and learned that there are a series of steps great writers go through in order to produce a final piece of writing based on this great book.  The Fives individually planned out their writing by sketching their ideas in a brainstorming web.  Later, they followed the rest of the other steps needed to produce their very first narrative called “Now that I am Five