Tirana International School

November 8, 2017


Important Dates


10 - University Visit - Wabash College

12 - TIS Brunch at Sheraton

13 - University Visit - Hult International Business School

13 - 17 - FALL into Reading Week

16 - Gjon Juncaj - Special Guest for Reading Week (2:00 pm)

17 - Last day to order Scholastic books!

16-19 - MS CEESA Robotics competition at TIS.

20 - University Visit - John Cabot University

24 - Albanian Day at TIS

27-29 - Albanian National Holidays - No school for students


10 - OSSAB Bazaar at Sheraton

12 - TIS Winter Concert (6:30 pm) for ages 5-12

15 - Last Day of Term 1

December 18 - January 5 - Winter Holiday


Director's Desk

The TIS Calendar for 2018-2019 is now available to you through the website here.  When creating the calendar we try to take into account national holidays, international holidays and appropriate breaks as we plan for 180 days of student contact.  Those days with students are considered sacred for us as we use every minute to engage in meaningful learning activities.  However, we are also mindful of placing appropriate breaks throughout the year so that students might have rest and process their learning.  Your input as parents has been helpful this year in designing a calendar that has a winter break in February for skiing and a somewhat shorter summer break.  By spacing out the learning over the year, we are helping our students to avoid the dreaded summer slump, in which students typically lose academic ground over the three month holiday.  Experts believe that it takes 6 weeks in the fall to make up the ground lost over the summer.  By decreasing the summer break and spreading out the holidays throughout the year, we are not only helping families find time to travel, but actually helping our students to achieve more academically.  

Looking Forward,

Robert Jackson, Director


Sunday Brunch

Please take some time now to reserve your spot at the TIS Sunday Brunch at the Sheraton at sales.tirana@sheraton.com by Friday, November 10.  We will see you all on Sunday, November 12.  See below for more information.


Prove It!

One of the geometry students has decided to use her time and knowledge to support other students to succeed in mastering difficult concepts in Geometry by providing vocabulary and real-life examples support and recording videos on how to solve different and difficult geometry problems. Make sure to use this resource to review geometry concepts across from the cafeteria.


Scholastic Book Order

The October/November Scholastic book order has begun!  As in the past, families can order and pay for books online so that they can be bundled and shipped directly to the school at the beginning of December.  This is a great way for parents to encourage reading and even get some winter gifts for their children.  Follow this link and order your books before November 17.



For the last few weeks, a group of dedicated students has been working to design a mural for the third floor terrace. This has been a challenging task, but the design is slowly taking shape, and will include views from various parts of Albania. The next step will be to add color, then transfer the design to the wall. The painting stage will be more fun and hopefully more students will join! 


TIS Yoga

From Christina Pialek: "We are practicing on Tuesday and Thursday from 8:45 (well thus is official but people arrive a little late...) until around 10:10. We do one hour class open to all levels.  The price is 500,-lek per participant.  My telephone number: 069/4004074.  I am a qualified teacher with 4 years of teaching experience.  The Tuesday class is more focused on strength building and Thursday more on stretching."  Feel free to call her with any questions.

Mailing address: Tirana International School, Fshati Mullet, Kutia Postare 1527, Tirana, Albania, 1, AL