Tirana International School

November 22, 2017


Important Dates


24 - Albanian Day at TIS

24 - Second Term Activities Email Sent

27-29 - Albanian National Holidays - No school for students

30 - Second Term Activities Sign Up 8:00 am


1 - Last day of Term 1 Activities

10 - OSSAB Bazaar at Sheraton

12 - TIS Winter Concert (6:30 pm) for ages 5-12

15 - Last Day of Term 1

15 - Term II Tuition Payment Due


8 - First Day of Term 2 (Welcome back!)

8 - First Day of Second Term Activities


Director's Desk

From Mr. Jackson:

We are so excited to announce a brave move forward for our secondary program as TIS becomes the first school within Albania to offer the Advanced Placement Capstone Diploma.  This innovative program allows for students and families to create a custom pathway toward a special degree that includes 4 AP courses as well as the required Capstone components.  Mrs. Smith is meeting with families this week to plan out next year's coursework, including the Capstone program.  Families are encouraged to watch this information video that gives them a glimpse into this new addition to the TIS course load.  Students will gain from their participation by learning valuable inquiry, research and collaboration skills as they follow a path toward top university acceptance.  Launched in 2014, this competitive program has been endorsed by the most sought after universities in education, including:  

If you want to know more about the Capstone Program, give us a call and we will meet to see how your family can benefit from TIS's participation.  

Looking Forward,

Robert S. Jackson


Poetry Matters

Intensive English students have immeressed themselves in reading and writing poems. They have especially enjoyed reading poems by Shel Silverstain, and exploring different elements and figurative language used in them. Students have also loved creating shape and blackout poems among other forms of poetry. They are looking forward to creating their own collection and share it with others.


Middle School Girls Present

Three 13-year girls from the TIS middle school robotics team System Overload, spoke to a crowd of over 40 Albanian teenagers at the U.S. Embassy booth at the National Book Fair in Tirana on Saturday, November 18th.  The girls spoke about their experience with robotics, programming, and design that led them to an international school competition.  The audience was encouraged to learn more about coding and robotics and ask to start up programs in their local schools.  The Q&A went on for about a half hour, until we split the audience into small groups to give everyone a chance to "play" with the robot.


Math and Art

In art class the students have worked on how to fracture their objects into geometric forms, and use multiple, contrasting perspectives in their paintings. Artists learn to see the world around them as basic forms, simplifying objects into geometric and organic shapes. Each approach chosen by the art students in applying shapes and watercolor techniques produces different feelings.  Creating your own Cubist style painting can be a fun way to connect with famous artists and have a fresh perspective. 


Up and Away!

The 7s took the cable car up to Mt. Dajti to get a view of the landforms they learned about in Cultural Studies. They also hiked around and collected leaves and observed many living things they are studying about in science. They are a fun, curious, and adventurous group!


University Preparedness

Last week, Mrs. Smith (our School Counselor), traveled to Edinburgh to participate in the annual Council of International Schools Forum on Higher Education and Guidance. Over two days, she sat in on various presentations (covering topics like application essay writing, financial aid for international students, ethics in the application process, as well as conversations about current topics like Brexit and Executive Orders in the US) and had opportunities to meet and network with admissions representatives from around the globe. There were 447 university representatives and 373 school counselors in attendance from 78 countries! Additionally, after the conference she spent a day with the University of California - Berkeley staff, training on how they read and review their international applications. It was a very exciting few days of professional development and opportunity to represent TIS to the world. If you are interested to hear more about her trip or would like to learn more about university counseling program here at TIS, please set up a time to meet with her - she would love to tell you more about it.


TIS Activities

Please be informed that December 1st is the last day of term one activities. I would like to thank all the teachers for  their hard work and dedication on offering such an amazing choices of for our students. Be aware of these important dates:

1. Novemebr 24-The new schedule will be online at the activities website  https://tisactivities.weebly.com/asa-schedule.html

2. Novemebr 30- Sign up for 2nd Round ASA at the activities website, at 08:00 am  https://tisactivities.weebly.com/asa-registration.html

3. December 1st : 1 round of ASA ends. Please be reminded that there will be no late buses until the start of the 2nd round of ASA. 

4. December 4-15 : The late bus will be by appointment only for these dates.  Students that are meeting with teachers or have training, should arrange transportation with Blerta in the office.

5. January 8, 2018 : 2nd Term of Activities starts.



AP Spanish

The students in AP Spanish Language and Culture are studying about Science and Innovations. They are engaging in oral and written discussions in a variety of topics such as: Innovations, Natural Phenomena, Science and Ethics. In this course, they analyze and critique the validity of culturally authentic materials, using different information sources related to targeted themes and create a research-based analysis of one of the mentioned topics.



You may remember that last year Secondary 1 students had their work published in Teen-Ink. Well this year Secondary 1 has been joined by the 13 YO's and despite only submitting one article, we have already had one student receive the award of Editor's Choice! Congratulations to Julia!


Football & Math

The 12 Year old Mathematics class has been learning about proportions and ratios in this current unit. As a real world application for this, we looked at football tables of different countries and created proportions to identify how many points each team would have at the end of the season. ​


Digital Citizenship

The 11 Year Old class is wrapping up with their Digital Citizenship Unit. Currently they are working on creating an informative poster about how to have safe screen names and passwords. Students came up with their own strong passwords, screen names and a few tips how to be safe online.