Tirana International School

November 15, 2017


Important Dates


13 - 17 - FALL into Reading Week

16 - Gjon Juncaj - Special Guest for Reading Week (2:00 pm)

17 - Last day to order Scholastic books!

16-19 - MS CEESA Robotics competition at TIS.

20 - University Visit - John Cabot University

24 - Albanian Day at TIS

27-29 - Albanian National Holidays - No school for students


10 - OSSAB Bazaar at Sheraton

12 - TIS Winter Concert (6:30 pm) for ages 5-12

15 - Last Day of Term 1

December 18 - January 5 - Winter Holiday


Director's Desk

From Mr. Jackson:

We are so fortunate this week to be hosting several schools from CEESA (Central and Eastern European School Association) for our middle school robotics tournament.  On Thursday, students from international schools in such cities as Moscow, Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Bucharest and Kyiv will arrive to take part in this annual event.  We would like to thank all of the families within our community that have offered to host these students and believe that your hospitality truly makes this an outstanding event for these young people.  Each team is made up of students that have designed, built and programmed their own robots to complete a set of tasks around the theme of hydrodynamics.  If you are interested in watching the students compete, feel free to come by the competition in the gym on Friday or Saturday morning.  

From Mrs. Grossman:

Our school is growing!  In fact, we have 18% more students than this time last year. 


To accommodate the growth the elementary classes, our teachers have helped design some creative classroom structures. You may have noticed that our 5-year-old class enjoys the benefits of a parallel classroom.  Children have three teachers and two classrooms - and spend time in both rooms during the day.  This helps keep class groups small and allow teachers to maximize one-on-one attention. As well, an extra space was created for the 6-year-old class.  The three 6-year-old teachers are able to make small groups and rotate out of the main classroom to provide small group attention.  Last, our group of Intellatives (the 9-year-old class) take advantage of the flexible classroom space next door, especially during math and literacy classes, when there are three teachers.

As we look forward to next year, we have committed to splitting at least two of the classrooms in the 5, 6, 7-year old range.  In addition, we will split the 10-year-old class.  As we speak, the human resource department of QSI is working to find excellent teachers to fill these positions.


Mrs. Smith has already started work on the master schedule for next year!  We are planning to expand our elective options; for instance, Documentary Film will be a choice for secondary students.  As well, we are planning on increasing our math & science course offerings by 30%.  Courses such as AP Statistics, Physics and AP Chemistry and others will flesh out our program offerings.

Keep an eye out for more news about next year as we solidify our plans!


11 Science

This group has been exploring the nature of science and the process of inquiry. For the final activity in the unit, student groups had to design and conduct an investigation. They were to determine how different amounts of Alka-Seltzer affect how much gas is produced when mixed with water.  After a brief detour to the continent of Antarctica this energetic group will be diving into a unit on chemistry.


12 Lit

The 12 YO Literature class recently examined plot, methods of characterization, character development, point of view and theme in self-selected short stories and displayed their work on paper dolls. Our study of character continues in our new unit in which students are reading The Pearl by John Steinbeck. 


SAT Prep Club

Some of the most diligent, dedicated, and determined Secondary students meet every week on Fridays after school for the SAT Club.  We review reading strategies and grammar rules, solve interactive problems, practice test-taking strategies, and generally help each other improve test scores. The SAT test is widely used in the college admission process, so students participating in the club boost their chances of getting into colleges of their dreams. The SAT Club is open to any interested Secondary students.


French News

In French II class the students are learning to describe weekend activities. They are learning to talk about leisure activities in general and to describe events in the past. In order to do this, students are deepening their understanding of the past tense for regular and some irregular verbs in both affirmative and negative. They are learning also how to use expressions of time.  In addition, students are learning about typical weekend activities for French youth as well as how to take the subway in Paris.  Coco and Sindi, they made a poster about Paris. How it’s divided in “arrondissements”, monuments and culture.



It's Fall Into Reading Week!  In Albanian Language the students are involved in many different activities. They are having a lot of interesting and fun things to do. They enjoyed their Albanian book worms from the books read in Albanian. We had our Mystery Reader that was Mrs. Eva. She read books in Albanian to them and they loved it. It was such a great quality time spent together with the students. It was a fantastic experience for everyone. 


Holiday Program

All the music classes for 5-12 year olds are hard at work preparing for a wonderful Holiday celebration on December 12th at 6:30.  Mark your calendars now and join us for a Jingle through the Holiday Season.  The program will be held in the gym (we have grown so much we needed a larger space!).  Children need to be here at 6:00 to prepare and find their places.  Prior to the program the 9 yo class will host a bake sale to benefit ARSIS, the NGO that operates House of Colors. This organization assists children living in street situation in multiple ways.  More details will follow soon.  Join us for this great family event to celebrate the season! More details will follow soon.