Tirana International School

January 17, 2018


Important Dates


17 - Success Orientation Assembly - Responsibility!

18 - Parent Support Group Meeting - 8:00 am

19 - Middle School Social

26 - Star Gazing at TIS (weather permitting)

26-27 - High School Play

31 - CEESA MS Choir Travels to Sofia, Bulgaria


1 - CEESA HS Knowledge Bowl Travels to Belgrade

7 - Open House for New Families - 5:30-7:00 pm

7 - Success Orientation Program - Trustworthiness

8 - CEESA HS Robotics travels to Bucharest


Director's Desk

Dear Parents, 

I wanted to remind you that tomorrow morning at 8:00 the Parent Support Group (PSG) will have their first meeting of 2018.  This group helps to facilitate communication and programming between the parent community and the classes at TIS.  One of the big topics on Thursday will be to discuss the current state of the cafeteria.  The administration has heard your concerns and we have encouraged Era (our food provider) to be present and discuss their plan for ensuring that each meal at the school is fresh and healthy.  If you have questions or suggestions for the food service be sure to be at this important meeting.  

On January 26, we plan on having a stargazing event for the whole family.  Join us at 6:30 for an evening with our science teacher, Mr. Tremblay, as he explains to children of all ages about the stars and gives you an opportunity to look toward the heavens in our telescope.  We will meet on the 5th floor terrace.  If the weather is not agreeable, then the office will send out a message on Friday morning, letting you know about an alternative date.

Looking Forward,

Robert S. Jackson


Updated Information?

We would kindly remind you that it is important for school to have your accurate contact details. If you have recently changed your phone number or email address please send it to egla-lila@alb.qsi.org or call the office in order for us to update our database.


6 Fiction?

6-year-old students have been learning to differentiate between fiction and nonfiction. Once they had a good foundation of identifying nonfiction books and text features, we moved on to comparing fiction to nonfiction texts. In pairs, they chose one fiction and one nonfiction book, and compared and contrasted text features. Students are emphasized to read informational texts and it is a joy to see how they get excited when finding a nonfiction book about a topic they love.


Convince Me

In Literacy, 11 Year Olds have begun studying the art of persuasion.  We are learning to make a strong claim (or thesis) and have several supports for that claim.  As we begin to write persuasive essays, we are studying the appeals of Ethos, Logos and Pathos, which were Aristotle's explanations on how best to persuade people.   


Mural Club

The mural project has finally taken off! Last Wednesday, a group of dedicated and excited students put first marks of color on the wall of the third floor terrace. The mural will feature various views from Albania, put together into one long frieze. Be patient, you will need to wait a few months to see the final result. 


5 Math

In math, the students have started working with two digit numbers up to 20. They are counting orally 0-19, identifying numerals 0-19, as well as writing and sequencing them during various math center games.  This week, the Fives worked in pairs rotating and sharing their knowledge about teen numbers using white boards and ten frames in addition to base 10 blocks to further cement the important number sense skill of tens and ones.  


6-8 Saturday Basketball

In an effort to diversify the sports opportunities for our children (and to give our kids an energy outlet in the winter months!), my husband and I have decided to organize a 6-8 year old basketball league on Saturday mornings. Jordan and I love basketball and though we are old and rusty now, we feel we can offer some knowledge of the basics to the kids! 

For those of you familiar with the soccer league that runs in the fall and spring, this will operate very similarly. We will meet at 9:30 on Saturday mornings in the TIS gymnasium and the kids will have 30 min of organized basketball skill practice. We will then have an organized 30 minute scrimmage. 

The league will run on the following Saturdays:  Jan 13 - Feb 10, March 3 - 24.

Please send me a quick email by this Thursday letting me know your child’s name and age if they are interested.  Sarah Hardenbergh (sarah.hardenbergh@gmail.com) 069-707-9559

Mailing address: Tirana International School, Fshati Mullet, Kut