Tirana International School

January 10, 2018


Important Dates


8 - First Day of Term 2 (Welcome back!)

8 - First Day of Second Term Activities

17 - Success Orientation Assembly - Responsibility!

18 - Parent Support Group Meeting - 8:00 am

19 - Middle School Social

26 - Star Gazing at TIS (weather permitting)

26-27 - High School Play

31 - CEESA MS Choir Travels to Sofia, Bulgaria


Director's Desk

The new year always brings with it a feeling of hope and excitement as we consider the possibilities within the months ahead.  Many make lofty resolutions that might lead to better health, relationships and experiences.  While others dream about what fate might bring as they prepare for interesting surprises that pop up in life. 

As parents, I'm sure that each of us also met the new year with a wish for the best for our children as they continue to mature academically, personally and socially at TIS.  One way that you can make a difference during 2018 is to join our Parent Support Group (PSG).  The goal of the PSG is to find ways for families to be involved in the life of the school through volunteer opportunities and community action.  Some parents volunteer in classes to read or go on field trips, while others organize events to welcome new families and help the children socialize.  We would love to see you at the next PSG meeting to see how you can fit into the team of involved parents.  If you can spare 30 minutes, make a New Year's Resolution to come to the cafeteria on January 18 at 8:00 am for our first meeting of 2018!  

Looking Forward,

Robert S. Jackson


Colorful Start

The TIS young artists started the New Year full of positive and colorful energy. They got introduced to Shaun Tan an Australian artist, writer, film maker and academy winner, whose brilliant illustrations inspired kids to recreate imaginary characters from his books. The aim for this project is to encourage creativity in two dimensional work. Students use their imagination by creating a fantasy world with creatures and lost things. They are practicing the use of pens, inks, acrylics, pastels and applying the artist’s techniques by drawing dinosaurs, robots and spaceships that come alive in their artwork.


6-8 Saturday Basketball

In an effort to diversify the sports opportunities for our children (and to give our kids an energy outlet in the winter months!), my husband and I have decided to organize a 6-8 year old basketball league on Saturday mornings. Jordan and I love basketball and though we are old and rusty now, we feel we can offer some knowledge of the basics to the kids! 

For those of you familiar with the soccer league that runs in the fall and spring, this will operate very similarly. We will meet at 9:30 on Saturday mornings in the TIS gymnasium and the kids will have 30 min of organized basketball skill practice. We will then have an organized 30 minute scrimmage. 

The league will run on the following Saturdays:  Jan 13 - Feb 10, March 3 - 24.

Please send me a quick email by this Thursday letting me know your child’s name and age if they are interested.  Sarah Hardenbergh (sarah.hardenbergh@gmail.com) 069-707-9559


New Year!

The 10 YO Class has enjoyed wishing all of our classmates a "Happy New Year!", regaling in everyone's holiday adventures, welcoming a new student, and diving into the new units of study for 2018!


Your Title

IE students have started the year reading Non-Fiction texts to analyze author's purposes and make connections. They have also come up with a list of ideas for an Explanatory essay. We are off to a great start of the new year!


Spanish News

The cultural diversity in our school is very important. It was a pleasure to have Mrs. Glance (originally from Puerto Rico) as a mystery reader in our Spanish class. The students were fully engaged and they enjoyed the book and Mrs. Glance’s presence. We encourage Spanish-Speaking parents to participate and join our Spanish classes.


The Eyes Have It

Biology class is studying generics and our project for this unit was to discover the genetics behind eye color. Students were to look at grandparents and parent’s eyes and record the phenotype and genotype for their eye color. They used Mendelian Genetics to discover what were the probability for their eye color.  


7 News

The 7s have been studying how to read and follow written instructions. They have learned to read carefully and pay close attention to action and describing words. Students have been following steps to draw and create different projects. They are learning that following instructions is a valuable skill that will help them throughout their lives. Students will also be learning to write instructions of their own.

Mailing address: Tirana International School, Fshati Mullet, Kutia Postare 1527, Tirana, Albania, 1, AL