Tirana International School

December 6, 2017


Important Dates


10 - OSSAB Bazaar at Sheraton

12 - TIS Winter Concert (6:30 pm) for ages 5-12

15 - Last Day of Term 1

15 - Term II Tuition Payment Due

18 - Status Reports Emailed to Parents


8 - First Day of Term 2 (Welcome back!)

8 - First Day of Second Term Activities

17 - Success Orientation Assembly - Responsibility!


Director's Desk

From Mr. Jackson:

From time to time, it is important to remind the community about the stance of TIS on various issues of concern.  Since 2014, TIS has had in place a thorough child protection policy that helps guide the school through training, warning signs, and reporting procedures if we suspect that a child has been abused.  Although we hope that such a guide is never needed, TIS employees believe that we should be prepared in case a child needs our assistance.  QSI has even used our own policy and guidelines to help other schools formulate a plan for child protection.

Internally, we work closely with various government agencies to make sure that our employees are above reproach.  Our expatriate staff have background checks performed in their country of origin by the appropriate federal agency.  For example, our American teachers go through FBI background checks through a fingerprinting process.  Local staff members go through a background check with the Albanian government that highlights any areas of concern.  Our child protection statement on our website so as to discourage any inappropriate employees from attempting to join the school community.    

In a section below, you will find a letter that highlights our stance on child protection.  Please know that we are publishing this information so that you might better know about our policies and not in response to anything at school.  We have had no reported or suspected instances of child abuse.  As always, I am available for any questions.

Looking Forward,

Robert S. Jackson


Preschool Numeracy

The Ladybug class learns about shapes and colors by building structures like castles and towers with blocks.  This early skill is the foundation for children learning to manipulate numbers.



The Six Year Old Class certainly was in their element on the fabulous fieldtrip to Peza Village. Students were able to do different physical activities to reinforce healthy living from our unit on the Human Body.  Student took a hike with a beautiful lookout point and played many outdoor games. Even the picnic lunch was all healthy choices to help emphasize the importance different foods have on the development of our body.


MS Poetry

Elevens have spent the last month reading and writing poetry. They have learned to identify and use many poetic devices such as rhythm, hyperbole, similes and metaphors. As a culminating project, the students made poetry books containing their own poems and illustrations.


Music Practice

This Thursday, Dec 7th, we will have an extended school day for ALL 5s- 12s.  As we are preparing for our Holiday program next week, we need this one practice with all the children together.  All 5s-12s will be dismissed at 4:00.  If your child rides the bus, buses will be arranged to take them home after the practice.  If you usually pick up your child after school, please come at 4:00.  Please email me if you have any questions.  For transportation questions, please email blerta-sadiku@alb.qsi.org.

Holiday Program, December 12th 6:00pm

Our annual holiday program will be held in the gym on Dec 12th.  Please bring your child to the school at 6:00.  The 9yo class will be hosting a bake sale before and after the program as a fundraiser for the House of Colors.  This will also be the last day to bring winter coats and blankets for our clothing drive.  

WHAT TO WEAR:  Children should dress festively in plain colors (red, green, black, white) Holiday hats are welcome.  Please no blue jeans or shirts with logo.  



One of the challenges that eleven-year-old students faced throughout our first unit in the Library class, was to identify Dewey Decimal Classification numbers to the 2nd placeholder. Students participated in various activities to help them explore the library and come to understand more why it works the way it does.  They really enjoyed working in pairs to benefit from thinking about it further with a partner. 


Bio News

AP Biology students using spinach leaves to test the rate of photosynthesis under different environmental conditions. Students were using inquiry based learning techniques to study and master complicated factors that effect the rate of photosynthesis in plants. 


Wax Museum

The 10 Year Old Class has been studying the lives of some very notable figures during a biography unit in Literacy class. They studied not only who that person was, but what challenges he or she had to overcome, the contributions he or she made to the world and how we can learn from each of these people. The class culminated the unit with a Living Wax Museum just before the November break.


Let it Snow

The Intensive English students have been busy working on a new writing assignment for the month of December that will be displayed in the school. They decided to write about snowflakes and where would they like to land if they were a snowflake. 


US History

US History students have been studying social reforms and movements of the 19th century. Students did research on an abolitionist of their choice and presented to the class. We learned about some interesting stories and amazing efforts put forth by those trying end slavery.



What’s your habitat? The 8 year olds have been learning about biomes and habitats in Science class.  Each student created a habitat diorama of his or her choice. Students shared their dioramas with the class and then put them on display in the 3rd floor hallway by the Art class. Several students prepared research reports describing ways to spread awareness of changes and challenges facing specific habitats. 


German News

This unit in German class we are learning about family. Now we can call our MUTTER, VATER, OMA, and OPA in German and tell them ICH LIEBE DICH. And we don't forget to make a poster to show them how much we love them. This is the best APFEL-tree ever!


AP Art Projects

The Art students have been stretching their imagination in a project entitled “Fantasy Landscape”. They had to use color to convey mood and employ various artistic means to give their image a sense of depth.