Tirana International School

August 30, 2017


Important Dates

4 - Begin Sign-up for  Activities
7 - Parent Coffee (8:00) on Parent Patio
8 - Summer Reading Challenge Assembly
8 - Back to School Picnic (17:30 - 20:00)
12 - After School Activities Begin
14-16 - MS/Sec Retreat in Voskopoje
18 - MAP Testing Begins
23 - Saturday Soccer Begins


Director's Desk

Mr. Jackson:  We are very excited to see so many new and returning students at TIS this year.  Over the last week, your children have had the opportunity to get to know their classmates, learn the procedures in their classes, and begin their units of study.  Even as we dive back into school, we can't forget all of the hard work that students did over the summer.  Our oldest students in Advanced Placement classes had lengthy summer assignments that would prepare them for a rigorous year of study.   Our middle school and elementary students spent the summer doing what has been proven to be the best cure for the summer slump - reading. The summer reading challengehas so far been a tremendous success as students across the grade levels have read 100's of books.  As a reminder, students have until Friday, September 1 to finish their books and should submit their reading forms by Monday, September 4.  Homeroom teachers or Ms. Eva in the library will collect the forms.

Mrs. Grossman:  At TIS we pride ourselves on providing the conditions your child needs to succeed.  Over the past week, the teachers and I have been getting to know your children and assessing their academic strengths and weaknesses.  In response, we may have created an “Intervention Plan” for your child.  This is simply a written plan that outlines the extra supports we will provide to help your child be successful in school.  Teachers will be emailing these out as they are completed.  If you have questions about Intervention Plans or have suggestions for what we can do to support your child, please email their homeroom teacher or myself. 



Families should mark their calendars for the Back to School Picnic on Friday, September 8 from 5:30 to 8:00.  TIS will provide hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled cheese, popcorn and drinks for all children and parents.  Families are welcome to bring a salad or dessert to share with others.  Plates, cutlery, cups and napkins will be provided.  See you at the picnic!


After School Activities

Get ready for  another exciting year of activities . Our amazing teachers have done their best to offer many different choices of activities for TIS students.  Please find below the link to TIS activities website where you can find the schedule for the upcoming round of activities:
Important dates:
4 September-Sign up for 1 Round of ASA
7 September- Sign up closes
8 September- ASA confirmation
12 September-  ASA start



TIS is coordinating a retreat for all middle school (11-13) and secondary I-IV students.  The group will leave from school on Thursday for an 2-night getaway at Hotel Akademia in Voskopoje, Albania. During this trip they will participate in community building activities and enrichment coursework.  It is expected that all students and teachers participate in this important team building time. We will return on Saturday morning.
More information and permission forms will go out to middle school and secondary students later this week. The cost per student is 5000 Lek. Permission forms and money will be due by Friday 8 September 2017.


Toddler Play Group

What: TIS Toddler Playgroup 
Who: Parents and their little ones ages 3 and under. 
When: Wednesday mornings from 8:30-9:30
Where: TIS playgrounds (meet at the parent patio for a coffee first!)
Join us weekly on Wednesday mornings from 8:30-9:30 AM at the TIS playgrounds. Have a coffee and chat with friends while the little ones play and socialize. Contact Sarah Hardenbergh (069-707-9559) with any questions. Hope to see you there!


Phone Use

Although we love technology, there are times that having a phone or computer can take away from the learning in the classroom.  We would like to request that parents, who need to communicate with their children, please do so either before the school day begins or after school.  If there is an emergency, then you can always contact the office and we will relay a message to your child.  Thank you for your support and help in this matter.  


Nut Free Policy

Periodically, we have cases of students with some kind of allergy or other medical condition and we try to make appropriate accommodations for these students. Usually, these accommodations are relatively minor—for example, giving students alternate assignments in Physical Education.  We would like to make you aware of a much more serious concern at our school involving several students who have nut allergies so severe that they have experienced episodes of anaphylactic shock. When this occurs, the child allergic to the nuts is not able to breathe and the situation is life-threatening.  To protect these children, we have declared the school a “nut-free zone.” To make the school a “nut-free zone,” we have received the cooperation of the ERA in the cafeteria; they do not use any nuts in their food recipes. We also need parents to help us by not packing snacks or making lunches that contain nuts.
The kinds of foods that should not come to school are the following:
 peanut butter- related foods;
 nuts and tree nuts including walnuts, almonds, cashews, peanuts, hazelnuts, coconuts, pecans, pistachios, pine nuts, etc.;
 Nutella and other hazelnut spreads (which are often disguised as a chocolate spread);
 desserts, candy, and cookies sprinkled with or containing nuts;
 anything containing coconuts (drinks included).
Many foods might contain nuts that you might not be aware of. Please look at labels carefully. We will continue talking to students in the classes about the seriousness of the issue and asking them for their help.  We know that it presents some unique challenges, but please understand that we are not simply accommodating for a mild allergic reaction; rather, we are preventing a life-threatening incident from occurring. We appreciate your help with this matter and thank you for your patience and cooperation, as we try to maintain the safety of all our students at our school.