Tirana International School

March 8, 2017


Important Dates

March 8 – 25th Anniversary Gala Invitation will be sent home***New***

March 13 & 14- Holiday

March 17 - Last Day of 2nd round of ASA

March 17 & 18 - Arsenic and Old Lace Play  ***New***

March 18 - Saturday Soccer Begins 

March 21 – Make Up Photo Day ***New***

March 21 - First Day of 3rd Round of ASA

March 23 - TAIS Elementary Music Festival

March 23 - Music Concert of the 10 Year Old Class

March 25- Tirana Youth Sports Program***New***

March 30 -  No ASA

March 30 - Student Led Conferences by Appointments 4:00PM-8:00PM

March 31 - Student Led Conferences by Appointments 8:00AM- 12 noon  

March 31 - No School for Students

March 31- Scholarship Applications are due

March 31- Term III Tuition Payment is Due

Each Wednesday & Friday – Albanian Classes for Adults

Each Thursday – English Classes for Adults

Each Monday and Wednesday – Latin Dance Classes for Adults.


Director's Desk

The month of March is a busy time for Tirana International School.  Beyond the standard rigor of the classroom experience, there are many special events that have the students excited:

1. Arsenic and Old Lace - The high school drama class is presenting their spring play next week on March 17 and 18.  Tickets are on sale now in the business office, so get yours today before they are all gone.  Play is suitable for ages 10 and up.

2. Round 3 of after school activities - registration for the final round of after school activies went live on Tuesday evening through our website http://tisactivities.weebly.com/  Sign up today!

3. Student Led Conferences - SLCs are scheduled for the last two days of March and an individualized sign up sheet will be mailed to you this week so that you can book a time for your child to present.  As last time, we have tried to create evening opportunities as well as morning times.  

4. Open Doors Day - On March 22, we will hold our annual open doors day so that embassies and special guests can view the school in action.  If you are interested in inviting someone, please see the information in the newsletter.

5. Secondary Trip - Secondary arts students will travel to Montenegro from March 30 in order to attend the annual Balkins Arts Festival.  This event, which we held last year, will be organized by the QSI International School of Montenegro and will allow students from several regional schools to share in their love for the fine arts.

Most importantly, the month of March is filled with daily learning opportunities for your children to excel in literature, science, mathematics, history, languages, and other areas.  Our goal is to create the conditions for your child's success and allow for personalized growth.

Looking Forward,

Robert S. Jackson



HS Play - March 17/18

On 17 and 18 March 2017 at 7:00 pm, the secondary drama class will be performing the play Arsenic and Old Lace.  It is a dark comedy set in the 1930's about the Brewster Family who is a little bit crazy.  Because of the content of the show it is only appropriate for ages 10 to 99+. Bring your friends and family.  Tickets will be on sale with Giuliana.  It is a fabulous show with lots of hilarious moments.  They go on sale on Thursday, 9 March 2017.


Lost and Found

Now that the cold weather is leaving us, please take some time to drop by the lost and found to collect hats, coats, gloves, and many other odds and ends.


Swimming Team Success

Congratulations to our swim team on their victorious trip to Bratislava.  Apart from the numerous individual medals, the team placed second overall!



Thank you to the students and teachers that volunteered last weekend to help the Food Bank of Albania to sort and stack food.  Your donation of time makes a difference in the lives of many people!


Stained Glass

In art, students have been exposed to a variety of new art styles, techniques and mediums, to stimulate and exercise the right side of their brains and reach their full potential.  This time, they are experimenting with stained glass. Stained glass has been produced since ancient times by the Egyptians and the Romans who were masters at manufacturing small colored glass objects. It is still popular today, but often referred to as art glass. Students picked a theme of their choice. Scenes were painted onto small glass panels using motifs to create the desired effect. The decoration of one side of the thin glass allows the use of techniques to create a beautiful effect visible from both sides.


Open Doors Day

As we are preparing for next school year, we would like to inform you that on Wednesday March 22, we are organizing our “Open Doors Day”.  We would be very thankful if you could share this information with friends or colleagues who might be interested in attending this event.  First tour starting from 10 am and for those who might be working and cannot make it during the morning we have scheduled a second tours starting from 6 pm. They will have the opportunity to visit TIS campus, meet our teachers, get to know with our preschool new prices and Albanian families still have the opportunity to apply for scholarship program that TIS offers. They can R.S.P.V by March 20, contacting egla-lila@alb.qsi.org.  Thank you very much for your continuous collaboration.



Fictional Writing

The 7 year olds learned to use descriptive writing and dialogue to show their voice in fictional stories. At the end of our unit they used the website storyjumper.com to publish their final drafts. Students had a blast typing their stories and illustrating them with this fun online book creator. This site also allowed them to view and comment on each other's work. 


Albanian Language

In Albanian Language, the students have learned about famous Albanian writers especially from the Renaissance period. They read about them and made beautiful posters. They learned by heart a few of their poems and had so much fun reciting them. It's was a wonderful experience for them to get to know some of the most famous Albanian writers. 


That's Your Opinion!

We have focused on opinion writing these weeks. Students have been busy collecting ideas about topics they feel strongly about and writing drafts. Now they are experiencing the most challenging part of the process: revising. They have been rereading their drafts on their own and with their friends to improve them. A lot of progress on the way!


Math Month

The middle school and secondary showed how fun mathematics could be by creating challenging multi level math games for students and teachers to play.  Younger students roamed from table to table and received stamps on their game cards.  At the end of the afternoon students names were put in a drawing for fun mathematical prizes.


Spanish Space

The advanced group in Elementary Spanish has been studying the planets of our solar system. They learned vocabulary related to traveling in space, role-played a trip to space and compared planets by size using comparative and superlative adjectives in Spanish. At the end of the unit they made a presentation about solar system. By coincidence, two weeks ago astronomers identified a nearby solar system hosting seven Earth-sized planets.


Problem Solving

The theme this week in the 4-year-old class is "Problem Solving". The children are discussing solutions to various problems and the importance of learning from mistakes and not giving up! They are introduced to different STEM-challenges throughout the week, for hands-on activities on the subject.


2017-2018 Scholarships

We have launched the new round of need based scholarships for Albanian students for the 2017-2018 school year.  If you know of a worthwhile candidate, please pass on our application and instructions.  Note that all new applications and supporting documentation are due by March 31.  


Spring Soccer

The Tirana Youth Sports Program (TYSP) will start the spring season of soccer from March 18 to May 6.  For 7 consecutive Saturdays children will learn both team play and individual skills development. Through skills and drills we work to progress the full range of soccer techniques including dribbling and passing with different surfaces of the foot, receiving the ball on the ground and in the air, and shooting techniques as well as how to react quickly to various game-like situations. They will also have the opportunity to apply all the knowledge acquired by playing a soccer match. Register here.