Tirana International School

March 29, 2017


Important Dates

March 30 & 31- Balkan Art Festival - Podgorica

March 30 -  No ASA

March 30 - Student Led Conferences by Appointments 4:00PM-8:00PM

March 31 - Student Led Conferences by Appointments 8:00AM- 12 noon  

March 31 - No School for Students

March 31- Scholarship Applications are due

March 31- Term III Tuition Payment is Due

April 1- Tirana Youth Sports Program

April 7- Last Day of Sale for the Gala Tickets

April 8- Tirana Youth Sports Program

April 10 -14 – Spring Break-No School

April 17- School Resumes

April 22- “Gala Event”   25th Anniversary of TIS, 6:00PM at Sheraton

April 27- 29 - CEESA MS Knowledge Bowl – Krakow

April 28 - Last Day of Quintile IV


Each Wednesday & Friday – Albanian Classes for Adults

Each Thursday – English Classes for Adults

Each Monday and Wednesday – Latin Dance Classes for Adults.

Each Saturday until 6 May 2017- Tirana Youth Sports Program



Director's Desk

Planning out the school calendar is a difficult balancing act within international education.  On the one hand, we strive to provide a stable, consistent learning experience for each of our students to achieve at a high level.  Through spaced practice and dedicated periods of lengthy time devoted to mastery of subjects, students are able to retain the new information.  On the other hand, we try to accommodate the need that international families have for travel for work and to visit family.  Our criteria, established by QSI, is as follows:

1. We must start school on a Thursday toward the end of August. 

2. We guarantee 180 days of school.

3. We make every attempt to accommodate national and international holidays.

4. We must schedule 3 professional development days for teachers during the year.  

Within these parameters, we establish the best calendar possible for our community, that allows for breaks for travel as well as continuity of learning.  The TIS board expressed the desire for the school year to be spaced out more so that there is not a long summer break.  As the administration, we welcome your feedback about our calendar and programming at TIS.  Please feel free to write to us at any time and share your thoughts.

Looking Forward,

Robert S. Jackson



TIS Black Tie Gala - April 22

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TIS Choir

The 10 year old class joined 3 other local schools last week to present a wonderful international school choir performance.  Thank you to Mrs. Wheelis for her hard work in making this happen.


April Menu

Please find the April Menu for TIS lunches here.


So Informed

After working on their Opinion Writing, the Intensive English group is working on Informative Writing. They love to read and research information on different topics using KWL charts (Know already, Want to Know, what I Learned) . After researching they have to use what they have learned to write new informative pieces that properly cite sources.


Elementary Albanian

The 9 y.o. group in Albanian Language have been studying elements of earth and nature. They worked hard making the posters related to the outcome. It's a great pleasure to see them work so hard and learn so well. Their willingness to do and learn new things is amazing.  


Teen Ink

Secondary 1 students have been published! Teen Ink is a monthly tabloid-format magazine which is marketed to, and written by, teenagers. This literary magazine also offers opportunities to be published on its website, which has a huge global readership. So far a number of students have received awards and been voted number 1 in categories that they have submitted articles. Here is hoping that some of articles might get published in the magazine.


Sounds Good!

The 7s have just begun a new science unit on sound. So far they have learned to describe sounds in their environment and identify the sources of the sounds. They have also investigated how sounds are caused by vibrations. Students used their senses of seeing, feeling, and hearing to observe vibrations that cause sounds. Later on in the unit students will design and create their own instruments and show how they can use them to make sounds with different pitches and 


Spanish News

The 9 and 10 year old students are studying biographies in Spanish class. They have been talking about Spanish artists by giving biography details and getting acquainted with the structure of a biography. They made a presentation about the biography of a famous person by updating his/her Facebook page.



The students in art class are focusing on realism as part of their study on proportion, one of the principles of design, to represent a subject matter truthfully, without any supernatural elements. They are learning to create life form portraits with perspective and precise details, where the use of brushwork styles, light and shade techniques are placed without overwhelming the composition giving it a natural effect. It is a challenging process at times, but they are very passionate about their art and the finished piece is expressive, satisfying, with beautiful accomplished results.    


Writing Class

Writing and public speaking go hand in hand, as the skills for effective writers and speakers are somewhat similar. To communicate with others like experts, we need to generate exciting ideas, express them clearly, and deliver them engagingly. Secondary II students are practicing their writing and speaking this week in a variety of ways: impromptu speeches, short and long speeches, and multimedia presentations. The topics range from getting a driver’s license to going into space. Everyone speaks about something that he or she is passionate about!



The 9 YOs recently visited a plastic recycling center here in Tirana. The experience was quite eye-opening.  Did you know that the plastic trash TIS teachers and students discard in the recyling bins is collected by Green Recycle Albania and sent to Everest Recycling Company? This material is sorted, "washed", shredded, and turned into plastic pellets. These pellets are then used to make bags or other plastic objects. 


Down on the Farm

On a gorgeous sunny spring day, the intensive English students had the chance to take a field trip to a local farm, where they learned about plants and animals.  Back to school, they got engaged in writing about what impressed them most.



Students in the Six Year Old Class took a fabulous trip to Kruja back in February to complete their Home/Host Country Unit.  They focused on traditional and modern art, traditional clothing, traditional and modern homes, and traditional games.  Students overlooked Kruja at the tower, went to the Ethnographic Museum, and walked through the Bazaar.  This was a wonderful chance for them to see firsthand a traditional Albanian home, traditional Albanian clothing, traditional art (rug making), and an overall appreciation of their home or host country.