Tirana International School

March 15, 2017


Important Dates

March 16 - Middle School to Secondary Transition Meeting at 6:00PM, in cafeteria ***New***

March 17 - Last Day of 2nd round of ASA

March 17 & 18 - Arsenic and Old Lace Play  

March 18 - Saturday Soccer Begins 

March 21 – Make Up Photo Day

March 21 - First Day of 3rd Round of ASA

March 23 - TAIS Elementary Music Festival

March 23 - Music Concert of the 10 Year Old Class

March 25- Tirana Youth Sports Program

March 30 -  No ASA

March 30 - Student Led Conferences by Appointments 4:00PM-8:00PM

March 31 - Student Led Conferences by Appointments 8:00AM- 12 noon  

March 31 - No School for Students

March 31- Scholarship Applications are due

March 31- Term III Tuition Payment is Due

April 1- Tirana Youth Sports Program

April 7- Last Day of Sale for the Gala Tickets***New***

April 8- Tirana Youth Sports Program

April 10 -14 – Spring Break-No School ***New***

April 17- School Resumes***New***

April 22- “Gala Event”   25th Anniversary of TIS, 6:00PM at Sheraton***New***

April 27- 29 - CEESA MS Knowledge Bowl – Krakow***New***

April 28 - Last Day of Quintile IV***New***


Each Wednesday & Friday – Albanian Classes for Adults

Each Thursday – English Classes for Adults

Each Monday and Wednesday – Latin Dance Classes for Adults.



Director's Desk

One of the most challenging issues in education now has to do with the use of electronics during the academic day.  Whereas everyone recognizes the benefit of using technology to further academics, we are constantly reminded that the overuse of "screen time" can lead to complications.  Recent studies show that the misuse of technology leads to continuous partial attention, during which students (and parents!) are focusing on several sources of information at the same time.  As students try to complete assignments, they are often bombarded by other sources of information that demand their attention: music, youtube videos, instagram, snapchat, and online games.  These distractions sometimes create modern multitaskers that simply are unwilling to concentrate on any one task for a longer period of time, leading to tasks taking twice or three times the amount of time to complete.  

Over the next year, you will see that TIS plans to infuse the school with more technology.  Our goal, above all else, is to help our students to properly use these tools to learn and communicate in an effective way.  Left to their own devices, the majority of young people will struggle to use technology to boost their own learning.  Therefore, we are taking on the task of educating students through the hands-on use of technology by introducing STEM elements into the school day as well as through the after school activity program.  We hope that you provide us with feedback as we expand our robotics program into the elementary school, launch a new technology curriculum, and create more opportunities for students to create through technology.  

Looking Forward,

Robert S. Jackson



New Information Book

We would like to inform you that the new Information Packet for school year 2017-2018 has been finalized. Please write to the office for your digital copy.

In there you will find more information regarding most common questions.  Also we have very good news for parents that have children in our preschool program as the price has been reduced by 25%. Please read the brochure to find out more details.


New Activities

On March 15 the links with the student list for 3rd round ASA were sent out via email to all members of the TIS community.  If you have not yet registered, please do so on the ASA website http://tisactivities.weebly.com/asa-schedule.html  Registration is opened until Friday March 17.   


HS Play - March 17/18

On 17 and 18 March 2017 at 7:00 pm, the secondary drama class will be performing the play Arsenic and Old Lace.  It is a dark comedy set in the 1930's about the Brewster Family who is a little bit crazy.  Because of the content of the show it is only appropriate for ages 10 to 99+. Bring your friends and family.  Tickets will be on sale with Giuliana.  It is a fabulous show with lots of hilarious moments.  They go on sale on Thursday, 9 March 2017.


Digital Citizenship

The 8 and 11 year old classes finalized their Digital Citizenship Unit with a guest speaker.  Mrs. Hiemstra talked to them about digital collaboration, safe technology use, safe screen names and etiquette. The students also had some short lessons on coding which they really enjoyed.



Contractions are two words that have been squished together to form just one word, which allows us to talk faster. The students learned that:

  • The first word in a contraction never changes. They only have to change the second word.
  • In the second word, they have to leave out the first vowel and any letters in front of it.
  • They should put an apostrophe where they left out the letter(s). Then, they squish the first and second words together. I am = I’m, they are = they’re, you have= you’ve, he will = he’ll, it is = it’s
  • There are a few contractions that don’t follow these rules. NOT = N’T (but not for can’t), WOULD = ‘D, LET US = LET’S, WILL NOT = WON’T

Field Trip

In  Science, the 8 year olds have been studying life cycles.  On Friday, we took a field trip to two farms and the Botanical gardens. The students loved exploring the farms and learning about the variety of plants at the Botanical garden.  At the farm, students had the opportunity to see baby goats, carrier pigeons, turkeys, a small pony, deers and wild boars!  A special thanks to one of our TIS parents who invited us to her farms and made the field trip a fantastic learning experience!


Shaping Up

In mathematics, the Fives are almost through with the unit of “Two-Dimensional Shapes”.  They have worked hard identifying, describing, comparing, as well as creating 2D shapes.  In order to keep the wiggly bodies moving and learning while having fun and admiring the beautiful sunny weather, we located shapes around our lovely campus.  Not only did the Fives enjoy this activity, but they also were so engaged and on task.


After School Drama

Students in the Role-Play After School  Activity are greatly enjoying  drawing the background for the play they are working on.


Open Doors Day

As we are preparing for next school year, we would like to inform you that on Wednesday March 22, we are organizing our “Open Doors Day”.  We would be very thankful if you could share this information with friends or colleagues who might be interested in attending this event.  First tour starting from 10 am and for those who might be working and cannot make it during the morning we have scheduled a second tours starting from 6 pm. They will have the opportunity to visit TIS campus, meet our teachers, get to know with our preschool new prices and Albanian families still have the opportunity to apply for scholarship program that TIS offers. They can R.S.P.V by March 20, contacting egla-lila@alb.qsi.org.  Thank you very much for your continuous collaboration.



Spring Soccer

The Tirana Youth Sports Program (TYSP) will start the spring season of soccer from March 18 to May 6.  For 7 consecutive Saturdays children will learn both team play and individual skills development. Through skills and drills we work to progress the full range of soccer techniques including dribbling and passing with different surfaces of the foot, receiving the ball on the ground and in the air, and shooting techniques as well as how to react quickly to various game-like situations. They will also have the opportunity to apply all the knowledge acquired by playing a soccer match. Register here.